Importance of Tyre Pressure Monitoring System in Fleet Management

Wednesday April 11, 2018


Fleet management and trucking business is a sector which has fierce competition. Do you know that tyre pressure monitoring system helps in vastly improve your fleet management duties?

Shrinking global economy along with lesser profit margins makes it even more difficult for companies to get a return on their investment.

Taking that into consideration companies do their best to cut extra costs and be more careful while managing their fleet.

The cost of day to day performance has to be reduced by companies if they are looking forward to a well managed fleet. Vehicle management is a crucial part in the daily functions.

A company might have a number of vehicles in their garage and they play a pivot role in transporting goods that the company produces.

Even for bringing in raw materials these vehicles are used in a daily basis. So cutting costs that are related to the fleet helps the company cut unnecessary expenditure.

How Does It Work?

A good tyre pressure monitoring system provides real time tyre pressure data. This ensures that your tyres and thus your vehicles are at optimum performance.

It is quite easy to install the tyre pressure management for your fleet. Thus it can be ensured that all tyre pressure is at optimum level.

The installations process is not a herculean task but is a very simple process. There are sensors in each wheel that generates a timely warning if the there is an abrupt change in the tyre pressure levels.

The driver will be alerted regarding the same in case there is a puncture or a quick loss of air.  Even if there is a gradual loss over time this will be notified to the vehicle user.

Why it is an Inevitable Factor to Profit Management

When it comes to profit each drop is important. It might seem like a trivial matter but on a larger scale it contributes a lot to profit management.

Wrong air pressures contribute to spending a lot more fuel than it is needed.

It just requires a normal internet connection to get the tyre pressure information in real time using standard browsers. No software is needed as the data is stored and retrieved from the cloud.

You will be alerted every time the tyre pressure falls below a certain threshold.  Real time data is at your fingertips.

An anti theft interface which is installed along with the tyre pressure monitor will come handy when someone tries to steel or meddle with the tyres.

Such information will be transmitted to the driver’s interface. This gives an extra level of safety for the fleet owners.

An optimum level of air pressure in your vehicles increases the life of your tyres. A tyre has an individual layer of fabric that has a frame of steel tightly bound to the tyre.

The tyre stretches beyond its permissible limits when the tyre is running on a relatively lower pressure.

As the material used to make tyre is mixture of fabric, steel, and rubber, the tyre can blow out if it is stretched for a longer period of time.

It leads to more rolling resistance if the tyre pressure is less than what is optimum.

The best part of this system is that it gives real time data. The information is given directly to the drivers. They have access to it at their fingertips.

It is also available on interfaces like smart phones too. Since the warning is given well in advance the drivers can effectively manage the situation.

Concluding Thoughts

A tyre pressure monitoring system contributes a lot towards cost cutting. Be it the fleet that transports goods and that which ferries passengers.

It is the same for large commercial vehicles, industrial operations or personal vehicles.

If you think rationally there will be increased fuel savings, reduced inefficiencies, and improved daily operations as a result of a good tyre management system.

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