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Top 4 Trends that Reduce Fleet Maintenance Costs

November 22nd, 2017
Top 4 Trends that Reduce Fleet Maintenance Costs

The goal of every fleet business is to reduce fleet maintenance costs and enhance profitability. But, how to lower the maintenance costs? Installation of a vehicle tracking system can be an excellent solution.

Apart from that, there are other trends, which assists you to lessen the expenses. Check out the 4 prevailing trends to reduce fleet maintenance costs:

Implementation of Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) Software

Tracking becomes an enormous issue whenever there is a modification in pickups, delivery, closing hours, weather, traffic, and freeway access.

At the same time, with the support of a GPS mapping system, you will be able to identify the location of each driver and assign the nearest driver to the customer’s location, which saves the fuel:

  1. GPS tracking software assists you to deliver services without much delay
  2. No need to send additional vehicle to the customer’s location if there is a delay
  3. GPS mapping feature enables you to redirect vehicle in case of high traffic, freeway blockage, and suggest an alternative route, which not only save time but also enhance the safety
  4. Ordinarily, GPS trackers update every 5 or 10 seconds and hence you will be able to be aware of the changes in the arrival times, obtain information on the current availability of vehicles and emergencies

Mobile Fuel Payments, Chip Card Technology, and GPS Mapping Feature

  1. The latest GPS tracking system provides the facility for mobile fuel payments and chip card technology. As a result of this, the time spend for payment can be avoided
  2. Fleet managers obtain awareness on the wastage of fuel by leaving the engine on and it is usually done by the drivers for running the AC while they spend on the truck for enjoying their hour long meal breaks
  3. With the support of GPS mapping feature, you will be able to schedule fuel stops based on fuel prices, routes, and taxes, which provide a considerable savings to fleet companies

Vehicle Maintenance that Curtails Operation Costs

  1. Routine vehicle maintenance can avoid accident risks, replacements, and breakdown costs. This lowers the chance for breakdown delays and last-minute deliveries. Moreover, by conducting timely repairs, you will be able to avert possible dangers on the road
  2. Proper vehicle fleet inspection provides security for the security-sensitive, convoluted and high-tech cargo at dispatch location, and ensures safe delivery at its destination
  3.  The monitoring policies assist insurance providers to offer superior deals, which insure both your fleet drivers and business

Keep drivers engaged on their task by utilizing video safety measures

  1. With the availability of video tapes, driving behavior such as over speeding, excessive vehicle idling, road related violations, and other unpleasant driving behaviors, which adversely affect the fleet operations can be recognized. However, fleet managers have reported that video recordings lead to genuine decline of accidents and incidents that result in driver delays.
  2.  Video surveillance also provides absolute security for client cargo right from the shipping process to delivery process. Hence, customers can rely on the safety provided by vehicle fleets.
  3. Another dominant benefit is the real-time monitoring and tracking of cargo, which enables you to learn the vehicle status and the accidents swiftly, especially when your vehicle fleets’ en route to the destination. Nevertheless, this data is highly beneficial as it has an enormous role in ROI of the business and arranging backup to attend the dangerous situations.
  4. Prevent burglary as there is a live video footage throughout the shipping process and it will be a major impediment to criminals
  5. Avoidance of the route diversion or unauthorized stops by your drivers as they are aware of the installed GPS vehicle tracking devices.

As a matter of fact, installing tracking devices provide the accurate data for fleet managers and other fleet officials. In addition to this, you will be able to ascertain details on the fleet operations, thus assisting you to save unnecessary expenses.

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