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Vehicle Tracking Qatar offers real-time GPS vehicle tracking solutions for enterprises in the transportation sector such as rental cab operators, tour operators, moving companies, limousine service providers, logistics firms, and many more. Our GPS tracking system solutions are highly customizable and are affordable for small-medium enterprises. We offer both hardware and software system solutions that will simplify the management of your vehicles, reducing risks and thereby saves your resources and time.

How Our GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution Helps Your Business

For efficient fleet management operations, a fleet owner/fleet manager needs a sophisticated, secure, and simple-to-use GPS fleet tracking system. Our experts can provide you the right solution that will not only reduce unncessary costs but also helps in increasing business productivity. Our experts install highly accurate GPS tracker unit in all of your vehicles and provides our own software (also available as mobile apps) for fleet manager and for your drivers.

The Vehicle Tracking Manager app developed by Vehicle Tracking Qatar can help your fleet manager to manage your vehicle fleet from your fingertips. For drivers, we provide our Vehicle Tracking Driver app which consists of features that will assist drivers during trips, provide them valuable direction guidance and other related information. Both these mobile apps can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

Our GPS-enabled tracking system can help police in case of a vehicle theft. They can retrive your stolen vehicle by following the signal transmitted from the tracker fitted inside that vehicle. You can minimize the insurance cost since the loss-risk can be reduced significantly.

Crucial Features of Our Sophisticated GPS Tracking System

  • Monitor real-time vehicle location as well as other information.
  • Setting up speed limit for your vehicles.
  • Generating various reports of each vehicle.
  • Setting up SMS alerts during vehicle theft, fuel theft, wrong route driving, and overspeeding.
  • Creating Geo-Fence – restricting the movement of your vehicle within a particular area.
  • Sending command to the GPS tracking device for immobilizing your vehicle.
  • Fleet managers have full control over the GPS tracking unit.
  • Preparing route history.

Our vehicle tracking software can prepare reports that consist of crucial information such as vehicle registration number, odometer reading, fuel tank status, temperature inside the vehicle, vehicle movement status, main battery voltage status, speed of the vehicle, and A/C on/off status. You can view these reports as these information are saved to a central server for period of three to four months.

Approach Our Team with Your Requirements

We offer budget-friendly packages for our clients in Qatar – Contract Based, Non-contract Based, and Mobile Based Solution. You can approach our experts for installing our GPS tracking system in your vehicle fleet. If you are interested, you can contact us in these mobile numbers – (+974) 44 881252, (+974) 55-69-3355/66-252589, and (+974) 44-88-1262. Or, you can pay us a visit at our office located at Town Center Complex, Suite 12, P.O. Box 5035, Doha, Qatar.

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