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Vehicle Tracking Driver App

The Vehicle Tracking Driver App is implemented with features specified to assist drivers with trip details such as trip route, pick up /drop points, and other valuable direction guidance to perform more effectively.

Navigation Planning

With the Vehicle Tracking Driver App in hand, you can establish pickup points, drop points, and routes in a single trip. With this optimized data you can determine the shortest path for the trip and make changes accordingly.

Trip Planning

Trips, Scheduled or instant can be easily planned utilizing the Vehicle Tracking Driver App. Trip details such as the route/Pickup point/ Stop points will be provided by the system relieving the driver from remembering every details of the trip.

Effective Communication

The Vehicle Tracking Driver App allows you to send and receive messages and notifications (audio/text) in case of any unexpected delays or any emergency.

Live Cam-Feed

Utilizing the Vehicle Tracking Driver App you can get the live-cam feed of the inside and outside of the vehicle anywhere anytime.

Monitor Speed

With Echo driving features and sensors the Vehicle Tracking System keeps tabs on diving behavior restricting the driver from rash and unsafe driving.

Pickup Point Optimization

Vehicle Tracking Driver App comes with a feature to optimize pickup points. Which allows passengers to update their location upon their wish. The system will automatically update the pickup point and optimize the route avoiding unnecessary trips.


Fast and Convenient

Drivers can pick up the passenger and drop them at their desired location saving time and providing convenient service.

Real-Time Tracking and Navigation

With GPS and maps drivers can easily locate the pickup points and choose the shortest path to reach the desired location.

Ability to Review Ride History

With the Vehicle Tracking Driver App the drivers can get a comprehensive review of the trips made by the vehicle, aiding the driver whilst on a trip.


Is the Vehicle tracking software integrated with Maps?

Yes, the vehicle tracking software comes with an exclusive driver console app which gives you a comprehensive view about the trip details and Maps.

Is Internet connection required to send notifications to the driver?

Not at all, you can send important messages and notification in the form of SMS as well.

Will the Vehicle Tracking system notify me of over speeding and route deviation?

Yes, instant notifications will be dispatched as soon any driving malpractice like over speeding and route deviation is detected by the system.

How does the Vehicle Tracking system create routes?

According to the data stored, the system will create routes automatically.

What type of details will I get regarding the trip?

Our Vehicle Tracking app keeps every minute to minute driving record of the trip and incase of any mishaps instant notifications will be dispatched.

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