Vehicle Tracking Transport Manager App

The Vehicle Tracking Manager App is created exclusively to manage the operational aspects of your vehicle tracking system with reduced costs, less risks and more efficiency.

Trip Planning

The feature allows you to assign pickup/ drop points; routes etc. and effectively execute the trips. Instant notifications are dispatched to the concerned people as soon as any updations are made to the trip details.

Enhanced Communication

The Vehicle tracking Transport Manager App establishes an effective communication channel with both parents and school bus drivers allowing you to pass on important information about the trip instantly.

Instant Notifications

With Vehicle tracking Qatar you can send instant notifications to multiple users at the same time, aiding them to stay cautious and make effective decision for the efficient and safely management of the fleet.

Untracked Vehicles

The Vehicle Tracking System dispatches instant notifications as soon as any vehicle becomes untraceable with the reason why the vehicle became untraceable, whether it is hardware failure or anything else.

Efficient Management

With Vehicle tracking Qatar you can efficiently manage your fleet with ease. Via the app you can effectively monitor your fleet, conduct vehicle inspection, and create new routes in an instant.

Vehicle Tracking

With the Vehicle Tracking Transport Manager app, you can get real-time updates about every vehicle in your fleet. The app shows how many vehicles are available (parked) and how many are on road.


Real Time Updates

Drivers and every concerned member of the fleet can make changes via the apps. The transport manager has the ability to check and update every single change on real time.

Minimal Errors

With automatic data collection the app creates error-free details saving time and lot of manual work which could be contaminated with errors.

Increased Productivity

With advanced features like geo-fencing, real time tracking and accurate fleet data Vehicle Tracking Qatar saves time and money of your entire fleet.

Speeding Up the Whole Process

Our Vehicle tracking mobile app gets the process of invoice creation done much efficiently. The tracking app will simplify the interaction between the command centre and fleet members, speeding up the process, saving fuel costs and effectively managing each trip.


Yes, our system supports multiple accounts which can be supervised from a single point. You can add/create trips based on pick up/drop points which suits your company needs.

At first only the transport manager of the transport company has the access rights to the company accounts. If the organizations are ready to manage their trips on their own then the transport manager can generate user accounts and allow access permission to the company authorities.

The Transport Manager can create an instant trip in such cases to avoid trip delays. The instant trip can be created with the availability of driver and vehicle and adding the incident point as the end location. So the delayed trip can continue as soon as the spare vehicle reaches the incident point.

Yes, with our special feature called the “Command center” you can monitor your fleet actions via monitors and ensure safe driving practices, reduce costs and optimize trips.

Account creation will take about 5 minutes, but the implementation takes place in three stages.

  • 1. Data Collection
  • 2. Hardware ordering and arrival
  • 3. Configuration and installation

Once the hardware has reached your location then the process is simple. So generally it would take about 30 day to implement the vehicle tracking system.

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