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Vehicle Tracking Reports

Meaningful and easy to use tracking reports, with up to the minute tracking insights to ease your sorting process

Vehicle Tracking Qatar provides a wide variety of real time alerts and scheduled reports. We deliver in-depth data and information on your fleet to help improve your fleet efficiency and to save money.

With our reports, you can get a complete overview on how you are utilizing your fleet tracking system.

Travel reports

Geographic Reports

Driver Behavior Reports

Fuel Efficient Reports

What our Reports Provide

Our Reports

We provide 58 tracking and management reports that define your tracking process and give you unparalleled insight into your fleet operations.

Why we Stand Out?

We are industry leaders in GPS vehicle tracking systems which give fleet owners clear and concise information on the effectiveness of their fleets. To stand out we provide more than a normal company, we provide detailed information on driving behavior, trip exception and many more such as.

Automated Daily Vehicle Running Report

Transport Managers are provided with an automated daily vehicle running report that displays the first and last ignition of the vehicle and how many hours was the “Engine ON” for the day.

Daily Vehicle Running Report

This report contains lots of important details which can be used to monitor the vehicle behavior. Details include Distance Covered, Actual duty hours, Average speed, Max speed, Actual running Hours, Idle Time etc.

Historical Movement Report

With this report, you can analyze the routes travelled by your fleet, how much time elapsed for the vehicle to complete the trip, how many times the vehicle exceeded the speed limit during the trip etc all in video format.

Vehicle Idle Report

This report shows you the entire details of a vehicle accounting to its idle details that happened on the given period. It runs reports using details such as idle start time, idle end time, idle duration and idle locations.

Monthly Ignition Based Report

Vehicle Tracking provides great ignition based monthly reports including vehicle start time, end time, distance covered, time taken, average speed and maximum speed made by the vehicle during its travel over the month.

Monthly Vehicle Running Report

This report will help you compare the day to day vehicle running report for a month using insights like distance covered, actual duty time, actual running time and vehicle idle time. Later transport managers can use this report to assess the driver’s daily work done.


This report will identify transport managers every single notification of the fleet. Will notify them with tax expires, insurance expires and maintenance alerts.

Safe Driver Ranking System

This report will give you a complete overview of the accurate performance of the driver. You can monitor analyze driver behavior with driving insights like geo-fence braking, speed-exceeded, incidents and fines consumed.

Vehicle Location Report

You can use this report to analyze the location of your vehicle and determine whether your driver was being productive or not using latitudes, longitudes and metering status of the vehicle.

Audit Reports

  • Daily Vehicle Running Report
  • Monthly Vehicle Running Report
  • Monthly Ignition Based Running Report
  • Monthly Vehicle Ignition Location Report
  • Vehicle Idle Report
  • System usage audit
  • User activity audit report

Vehicle Reports

  • Vehicles based Status
  • Vehicle Activity Report
  • Vehicle Assignment History
  • Vehicle Count and Seat Capacity
  • Vehicle Location Signal
  • Vehicle Parking Attendance
  • Vehicle Speed Report

Maintenance Reports

  • Inspection Due Report
  • Insurance Expiry Report
  • Registration Expiry Report
  • Tax Expiry Report
  • Maintenance Overdues Report
  • Maintenance Dues Soon Report
  • Driver Licence Expiry Report

Vehicle Running Reports

  • Daily Vehicle Running Report
  • Weekly Vehicle Running Report
  • Ignition based Vehicle Running Report
  • Ignition based Location Report
  • Distance, Speed and Time Period

Trip Reports

  • Historical Movement Report
  • Unplanned Trips Autorouting
  • Trip Assigned Versus Completed
  • Trip Versus Pickup Count
  • Trip Manifest

User Reports

  • Users Report
  • Mobile App Details
  • Mobile App Usage Details
  • Last Login Details

Tracking Device Reports

  • Device sim card details
  • GPS Signal Report
  • GSM Signal Report
  • List of Tracking Devices
  • Data Usage Report

Tracking Reports

  • Last reported Location
  • Find Nearest Vehicle
  • Location Visit History
  • Track Removed Vehicles

Driving Behaviour Reports

  • Safe Driver Ranking
  • Harsh Acceleration Harsh Breaking Report
  • Acceleration vs Deacceleration threshold report

Availability Calendar & Duty Roster

  • Driver Duty Roster
  • Vehicle Assistant Duty Roaster
  • Vehicle Duty Roster
  • Vehicle Availability Calendar
  • Driver Availability Calendar
  • Vehicle Assistant Availability Calendar

Vehicle Stop Reports

  • Vehicle Stop Report
  • Route Layers

User Attendance Reports

  • User Attendance Report
  • User Activity Report

Expense Reports

  • Vehicle Expense Report
  • Vehicle Fuel Expense Report

Event Reports

  • Alerts
  • Temperature

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