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Vehicle Tracking System offers the best car tracking system in Qatar to rental cab companies, courier service companies, Rental taxi businesses and other transportation based services. We offer personalized car tracking systems as per the requirements of the afore mentioned SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises). Our solutions are aimed at maximizing operational efficiency, reducing risks and increasing return on investment

Car Tracking System

How Our Car Tracking System Can Help Your Business Grow

In the face of stiff competition, businesses nowadays needs to provide the best customer service for success. Easier and effective management is very important for improving customer service. Our car tracking system helps transport/fleet managers to manage their fleet of vehicles in a far more efficient and effective manner by providig them real-time tracking information with speed limit, route management and a number of other features.

Our expert developers have built customizable mobile apps for transport managers as well as drivers. These apps can provide you with a number of vital information whenever required. The car tracking app for transport managers allows them to allocate cars, check available cars, track cars in real time, plan routes, get alerts when cars move out of their allocated area and lot more. For drivers, the app assists them during trips with different data including fare charges where applicable.

Key Features of our Car Tracking System

  • Routing (automated/manual).
  • Real-time vehicle information.
  • Speed limit alerts.
  • Vehicle health report.
  • Mobile apps for driver and transport manager.
  • Customizable notifications for overspeeding, theft, passenger check-in/check out.
  • Geo-Fencing to restrict car movement within a preset perimeter.
  • Driver communication.
  • Car trip history.
  • Driver ratings.
  • Reports.
  • Multiple hardware compatibility.

In addition, business owners would also be able to request for new features and customize car tracking systems according to their requirements. The data and features will help in optimizing fuel consumption, routing, vehicle assignment, and more, while also providing accountability and extra safety to vehicle owners, drivers and passengers.

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You can get affordable car tracking system solutions in Qatar from us. For more details contact us at +974 44 881252 or +974 55 69 3355 or +974 66 252589 or +974 44 88 1262. Alternatively, drop us a mail at [email protected]. Our sales person will provide you the necessary information.

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