Using our vehicle booking feature fleet managers can easily optimize their fleet based on their availability. They can easily distinguish vehicles which are on a trip from vehicles which are free. Vehicle booking & availability management maximizes availability & usage, reducing trip duplication, and identify excess vehicles in your fleet.

Maximize Vehicle Usage

Coner Off Compliance

Fit For Purpose

Restrict Unauthorized Use

Vehicle Booking and availability management for Your tracking solution

Implementing a vehicle booking & availability management feature within your fleet ensures that you have greater visibility and control over your fleet enabling you to maximize fleet utilization. This feature provides your organization with the required tools to maximize your fleet productivity while minimizing overheads.

With our newly developed feature, fleet managers can easily understand the peak demand and idealize their fleet accordingly. Vehicle booking and availability management with our automated reports will provide clarity about the availability of your fleet. Fleet managers can utilize their vehicles across a large portion of their fleet to fit for purpose requirements.

Implementing Vehicle Booking & availability management has never been easier:

  1. Comprehensive fleet reporting with Cost-saving opportunities
  2. Improved management having visibility over staff from using vehicles without authorization
  3. Simplify vehicle booking process for both fleet managers and drivers
  4. Easily configure trip authorization rules according to your requirements
  5. Real-time reporting with minimized manual administration

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