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Vehicle tracking’s MDT (Mobile Data Terminal) is a next-gen resilient device that can be tailor-made to cater the needs of operators in the field for effective communication and to increase the productivity of fleets in both businesses oriented and nonbusiness oriented atmosphere.

Current Situation

The existing 3G wireless modem in most of the current vehicles are too slow to support applications or even devices that can enhance the communication and affectivity of any fleet. Another important issue is the access to the internal resources. Swift access is a hurdle most of the time and as a result duty of personnel working in the field gets affected gravely.

Our Solution

We have developed a one of a kind MDT that can assure effective communication, access to data and can act as an effective tool for people who are in their line of duty. By doing so, personnel can allocate closest and most appropriate and available unit for dispatch in case of an immediate requirement. The system will automatically identify the response time for dispatch. If the person in the vehicle does not respond to the call, the work will automatically be assigned to the next nearest vehicle.

Dispatch will be generated automatically when a customer makes a request, in that case, the system identifies the nearest available vehicle and assigns the vehicle with the new assignment. Besides this, customers can also track assigned vehicle’s location and status.

The system will identify response time based on emergency status. Another added advantage is that there is an option to insert a sim card and make calls to other users. Group calls can be enabled (like Whatsapp voice messages) to send group instructions. The MDT Solution that we offer will increase the efficiency of security patrolling vehicles, roadside assistance vehicles, ambulances, fleets, etc.

Features of MDT

Support and Training

All support and training will be provided by our team. It starts from the introduction to implementation and further online and offline support if there is a requirement. Once implemented, we will start the training for your personnel as well as the people in the centralized control center. Further support will be provided in case of any doubts or misconceptions. This means you will not need to hire someone to do the training and support.

Once the training is over you can actively centralize the dispatching of personnel to various locations as and when required using the data terminal.

Benefits to your company


Your control center will have their devices installed with the software to manage the whole system. Along with this the training for handling the system will be done. With this, the whole system can be conceived and realized. With the full-scale implementation of the

project, all the devices will be interconnected and fully functional. This shall improve the efficiency of your personnel as they can be accessed when there is a call to action. The data regarding the location, status and even the distance from a place of incident is available with MDT and this reduces the cost incurred by ineffective management of the fleet. This means you save on fuel as well as time and effort of your employees.

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