Car Rental Software

We are specialists in car rental service dedicated in providing instant, quick and easy mobile and web platforms that understands your needs.

  • Easy & Intuitive
  • 24×7 Car Tracking Availability
  • Secure
  • Real Time Tracking of Rental Cars
  • Cost Effective

Why Choose Us?

We implement a complete tracking system to optimize your current business & provide a single integrated solution to cover all aspects of the car rental service. Our system spans across all areas of car rental services like,

  • Incident Management
  • Fleet Management
  • Customer Relations
  • Vehicle Management
  • eInvoicing
  • Rental/Lease agreement handling
  • Car Reservation

Moreover our software will effectively process & support the employees and customers with high standard services.

Benefits of using our Car Rental Software

With advanced and flexible mapping and reporting software our state of the art GPS car tracking solution can collect and transmit data with satellite or cellular network. Our solution comes with

  • All in one Single Platform
  • Digital Signatures & Digital Agreements
  • Online Booking System
  • Fleet Management & Maintenance
  • 24×7 Tracking


Our tailor made solution for car rental services is suitable for both small scale and large scale businesses because of its wide range of features like

  • Unique Design
  • State-of-the-art interface
  • Multi-Language
  • User Friendly
  • Fast & easy interface for all bookings on-the-go
  • Receive live Vehicle updates & bookings
  • 24×7 Technical support

With our versatile GPS trackers, you can make sure that your cars are tracked accurately and pinpoint its location in real time giving you peace of mind and avoid vehicle theft and bad driving behaviors from your employees.

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