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Best Hidden GPS Trackers for Cars

March 17th, 2022
Best Hidden GPS Trackers for Cars

You may quickly find your car with a little tracking gadget that utilizes the Global Positioning System or GPS. Hidden GPS trackers for cars have entered the market due to individuals flaunting them as necessary and for various security considerations. Utilizing  hidden GPS trackers is a prudent decision for any automobile owner in today’s world.

As technology progresses the awareness of everyone and everything around them increases whether their family members or possessions. Knowing the precise position of a loved one or the car they are traveling in real-time provides a feeling of security. Having a hidden GPS trackers on  your loved one’s vehicle gives you peace of mind.

The tracker is often used to recover stolen automobiles since consumers are warier about car theft and want the greatest chance of locating their vehicle if it is stolen. A hidden automobile tracker is not only for anti-theft purposes. It might assist you in determining the driving behaviors of your adolescent so that you can advise them in the future. Vehicle Tracking ROI vs COI A Complete Guide-0 You can evaluate your employee’s travel paths. It will assist you in identifying more efficient and effective routes.

Features of a Hidden GPS tracker

The following are some essential characteristics of an excellent hidden GPS tracker:

  • Real-time tracking: With a GPS tracker you are able to monitor & get visibility into the whereabouts of car in real time. This capability, which enables you to determine the position of your car at any time, is normally included with the majority of GPS tracking systems.
  • A hidden battery: A concealed tracking device for your automobile, especially an active tracker, should have a robust battery. Because it continually uses the internet connection and sends you data, it would demand a long battery life.
  • Casing: A well-equipped tracker will come with an appropriate housing; it is advantageous if the case is easily mounted, such as a magnetic casing. Because the hidden automobile trackers are movable and are often put in an unsecured location, they must be covered with a high-quality case.
  • Proximity alerts: Proximity alerts notify you when your car approaches a place you choose on the map. This function will relieve you of the continual need to verify whether you’ve arrived at your destination or not.
  • Geofence: A GPS tracker’s geofencing function warns you when a vehicle departs from a predefined region. This function enables you to track a family member’s adolescent who has gone to an evening football match. You may check whether the elderly family members are traveling inside the region designated on your tracker for their protection.
  • Speed alerts: A reputable GPS tracker will tell you if the vehicle exceeds the posted speed limit. You may program a speed restriction into the tracker to assist the driver in developing better driving abilities.
  • Data recording: An excellent GPS tracker for cars must maintain an accurate record of data for an extended period so that you may verify it whenever necessary. The ideal GPS tracker can retain data for at least 30 days for autos.

Does GPS work without a battery?

Because the most discrete automotive GPS trackers are battery-powered, you may put them nearly anywhere. Due to the lack of an external power supply, this sort of tracker must be removed and recharged regularly, or it will cease to function.

Where can one get a low-cost GPS tracker?

You may purchase a low-cost GPS tracker for E-commerce online buying platforms.

How do I track my bike with GPS?

Transform a standard car into a smart one with a slew of smart alerts and updates from a GPS tracker and protect yourself against thefts, among other perks. The following smart alerts are available: Ignition On/Off, Vibration Sensed, Over-speed Alert, and Motion Sensed Alert.

Automatically saved rides may be replayed in 3D. Return at any moment to see specific data about a ride, such as speed, location; distance traveled, average speed, or maximum speed.

Is it safe for a child to wear a GPS watch?

While it may seem prudent to have your youngster wear a GPS watch, these devices are dreadfully insecure. Significant security weaknesses in child-tracking GPS devices enable strangers to listen in on your child’s conversations. They can even communicate with them through the gadget or snap their image using the watch’s camera.

Benefits of A Hidden GPS tracker

  • Tracking your vehicle’s whereabouts at any time and from any place: Having a GPS tracker in your automobile lets, you find it at any time and from any area. If the tracker is in an area with a consistent internet connection, it will continually update you through email and SMS or a specialized tracker app.
  • Locating your car even if it has been stolen: You can retrieve your stolen automobile with an effective, hidden GPS tracker. You may quickly disclose the location of your vehicle to law police, which increases your chances of recovering it.
  • Analyze your car’s performance: You may analyze your car’s performance by determining the distance it went, the route it took, as well as the driver’s speed and driving behavior, simply by putting a covert tracking device in your vehicle.
  • Protect your family members: Keep track of your family members’ locations with the GPS tracker so that in case of an emergency, you can get them the assistance they need and protect them from danger. tracker
  • Seek early assistance in an emergency: The sooner you become aware of an issue, the sooner you may resolve it. When your GPS detects an accident or other incident, you may notify the appropriate authorities and get prompt assistance. If you get stranded or are involved in an accident, the tracker will aid you in reporting your specific location to someone who can assist you. It is particularly beneficial if you are in a new place.
  • Recall your meetings: Using the GPS tracker for a person in your car, you can retrieve your primary data to verify your routes and who you’ve met in the last few days.

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  • Evaluate the distance, fuel consumption, and other data of a journey: With the aid of these trackers, you can determine the mileage, fuel consumption, and other information of a lengthy trip.
  • Calculate the remaining time required to finish travel: A car tracker allows you to calculate data even if you are not in the vehicle and another person is driving it. When you know the remaining distance to your destination and the speed of your automobile, you can quickly calculate the remaining time required to complete the journey.
  • Surveilling the driver: There are times when you’ll need to dispatch your auto driver to do different jobs around your house or workplace. It is when you may want to keep an eye on him to ensure he is abiding by the laws and regulations. A GPS tracker may assist you in avoiding this.
  • Determine when your vehicle is being towed: This is another function of your hidden GPS tracker. You will be alerted promptly if your vehicle is moved, towed, or even bumped, allowing you to take action quickly.

Best Hidden GPS Trackers In 2022

AngelSense GPS Tracker

AngelSense is a low-cost tracker with a big battery. It’s a multi-purpose tracking gadget for people, pets, and cars. Its strong battery and tiny size make it an excellent covert tracking device. The AngelSense Companion app (Android and iOS) and the online site provide real-time tracking and other statistics.

You may also add tracking accessories to your purchase. Hidden tracking accessories include belts, undershirts, waterproof bags, etc. The AngelSense GPS tracker costs $69 with a $52 monthly subscription.

AMERICALOC GL300 W Mini Portable

The Americaloc GL300W is a great vehicle tracking gadget in any situation. You may use it to find assets and equipment as well as people. It is a ready-to-use real-time car tracker that works on any phone, tablet, or computer. It has a week-long battery life and tracks more motions with quicker coverage.

It is 2 inches long and 2.3 ounces. It has a built-in lithium-ion battery and SIM card slot. Latitude/longitude, parking, speed, device on/off, and arrival/departure are all tracked. It may update the location in 10, 30, or 60 seconds. Americaloc’s Android and Apple mobile apps may store data for up to a year.

Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker

The Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker is rectangular in design, making it easier to conceal in a vehicle, suitcase, bike, etc. It is a stand-alone GPS gadget with a limitless range and no Bluetooth connection. This gadget is best known as a hidden GPS tracker. It notifies you about your car’s health, driving history, fuel efficiency, and location.

You may access the data through a PC or a mobile or tablet application. Without a monthly price, Invoxia charges a one-time activation and an annual membership fee that you may cancel at any time. Customer service is available 24/7. The device is $129, which includes the first year’s membership. After that, it’s $29.90 each year to keep- it.

Tracki Mini GPS Tracker

Tracki Mini is one of the smallest GPS trackers available on the market. This little tracking gadget is great for discreet monitoring. Tracki lets you track your cars, motorcycles, drones, and more. It also covers 190 nations globally, so you don’t have to worry about coverage.

Its smart alarm system may inform you of velocity, movement, low charge, and Geofencing. It contains two additional buttons for establishing personalized contacts in an emergency. It has a good battery backup for hidden tracking. Tracki Mini costs $28.88 with a $19.95 monthly membership.

LandAirSea 54

LandAirSea 54 is a portable GPS tracker. Also, it has a built-in magnet and SIM card. A portable and useful gadget that you may connect to a vehicle, machinery, or anything that moves or transports. The tracker also supports 4G. LandAirSea 54 includes dimmable LED lights. You may use the LandAirSea 54 tracker with Google maps or the SilverCloud app to follow people, assets, or vehicles in real-time.

You receive fast SMS or email notifications. Its compact size makes it ideal for inconspicuous surveillance, and the app can turn down the LED lights so they don’t glare from a concealed position. It’s a powerful gadget that doesn’t need any extras. While this device’s battery lasts for 4-5 days, it takes 12 hours to charge it fully. The LandAirSea 54 needs a monthly membership beginning at $19.99, but prepaying for two years gets you as cheap as $9.95/month.


Using hidden GPS trackers is frowned upon. But these technologies may be quite useful without infringing privacy. It can help you find your stolen automobile.

Fleet managers and business owners use them to track their cars’ whereabouts and keep an eye on them. It protects your loved ones. To safeguard your comfort and security, you must first evaluate the purpose and benefits of the best hidden GPS trackers.

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