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Never miss tracking data due to lack of connectivity !

  • Save valuable tracking data anytime and access complete details, even without Internet.
  • The perfect tracking data back-up plan if internet connectivity fails due to some reason.

Our Tracking solution comes with an offline tracking service.  A mobile application service, it helps users who do not want to use battery hogging GPS, GPRS or even a cellular connection. The solution provides convenient low cost tracking solutions for companies where real-time monitoring is not vital.

Why Choose Us?

Our offline vehicle tracking device is developed to effectively manage your company assets thereby improving the service. We offer up to the minute tracking technologies and customizable updates over time. The collected data will give transport managers a comprehensive overview of your fleets’ performance and calculate accordingly to efficiently and effectively enhance your service.


  • Low-cost high capacity vehicle tracking system
  • No internet connection needed
  • Detailed and accurate data
  • Lower deployment and running costs
  • Simpler data retrieval features

How it works?

The tracker calculates the speed and vehicle positions by utilizing the signals gathered from the GPS satellites and records them simultaneously on the SD card. The stored data will be immediately fetched by the system once the device enters inside the company grounds via Wi-Fi.

Once the data has been transferred, you can easily trace the routes in which the vehicle travelled on our software and analyze more additional data regarding the time spend on different intervals and the speed taken by the vehicle. The data can be stored on the SD card for a limited period of time continuously.


  • Seamless Vehicle Tracking
  • Offline location tracking
  • Detailed representation of traced routes on a map
  • Location sharing via SMS
  • Automatic Batch Geotagging

We at Vehicle Tracking Qatar are dedicated in providing affordable passive GPS tracking solutions for companies in a way that caters to your business needs.

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