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Maximize you Return of Investment and help transform your telematics business into a more data driven one with Vehicle Tracking System

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Why Choose Vehicle Tracking to Get Better ROI

Vehicle Tracking System can help you to save on operational costs and bring in Maximum ROI. With our State of the art Technology you can monitor driver activities like personal detours, long hours wasted on breaks and any other inefficiency behaviour and preserve this data as a structured report which you can later use to review your overall performance and assess your ROI.

With over 55 reports and multiple tracking features Vehicle Tracking System brings in maximum ROI, here are some of our major ROI pulling Specialties.

Trip Assigned Vs Completed Reports:

With this report transport Managers can identify how many trips have been completed for the day from the number of trips assigned and make sustainable productivity.

Inspection and Maintenance report:

Transport Managers will get to identify minor issues before it turns into costly repairs and ensure the entire fleet is working correctly and help prevent equipment downtime.

Safe Driver Ranking report:

With this report Transport Managers can get a complete overview of the accurate driver performance and analyze their driving behaviour based on their driving insights.

Unplanned Trip auto routing:

Route planning is an important part of the success of an Fleet, our Vehicle Tracking System will provide all the location updates on the route and automatically convert the route onto a trip.

Expense Report:

Our Tracking Solution comes with an expense report which will give transport managers a view of general expense reports like maintenance expense, spare part expenses & Fuel expenses.

Daily/weekly/monthly vehicle Running report:

Our tracking Solution will Provide Transport Managers with important data's like total running time, idiling time all on weekly, monthly or daily basis.

Distance traveled progressing chart:

This is an animated chart that will give the Transport Managers the total number of distance traveled by the each vehicle individually.

Availability calendar and Duty Roaster:

With this special feature Transport Managers can identify the the available vehicles, duty chart, work shift, hours of duty and days off for each staff member and make preparation accordingly.

What happens once you implement Vehicle Tracking System:

Vehicle Tracking System ROI

You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure, but that doesn’t mean there is a universal assumption or any standard rules on how much fuel or how much hours will you save. Your potential return depends on your business and current situation in the industry, however with our Vehicle Tracking system you can make capital investments in today’s economy with quick ROI and state of the art GPS Solution.

Vehicle Tracking System provides other quantifiable solutions in addition to payroll and fuel savings because it is important to understand other benefits so you can keep a conservative ROI other benefits include:

Maximize resources through improved Productivity

Decreased Maintenance Cost

Improved security, safety

Improved customer service

Need more than just a simple GPS tracking system for your fleet

How Vehicle Tracking System Helps you Deliver Better ROI?

Predictive Maintenance Reports

Predictive Maintenance Reports

Driver Behaviour Reports

Standard Optimization

Efficient Dispatch Systems

Efficient Fuel Managing

Ensured Timely Complaince

Automated Route Planning

Lowers Operating Cost

Efficient & Automated Tracking Reports

Reduces Labor Expenses

Improved Employee Morale


How much time will it take to implement the tracking system?

Account creation will take about 5 minutes, but the implementation takes place in three stages.

  • Data Collection
  • Hardware ordering and arrival
  • Configuration and installation

Once the hardware has reached your location then the process is simple. So generally it would take about 30 day to implement the vehicle tracking system.

How can Vehicle Tracking System optimize our ROI?

Proper management of supply logistics is essential for increasing your profitability and ensuring healthy growth for your business,Focusing on the right areas can lead to dramatic improvements in your company’s operations,areas such as,

  • Accuarate data Collection
  • Account for Variables
  • Employee Training
  • Maximizing Storage Capacity
  • Route Optimization

Does the organization have access to the Vehicle tracking system?

At first only the transport manager of the transport company has the access rights to the company accounts. If the organizations are ready to manage their trips on their own then the transport manager can generate user accounts and allow access permission to the company authorities.

Should I conduct an ROI study on my own Fleet?

If possible, the person evaluating the Fleet should be independent of the Fleet. It is important for the stakeholders to understand that the person conducting the study is objective and removed from certain parts of the study, such as the data collection and the initial analysis.

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