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Vehicle Tracking Qatar has an exceptional digital presence thanks to our Digital Marketing Partner – Jointviews. From the initial stages starting with the website design, web content, videos and digital identity, their contribution has been immense. They are based out of Trivandrum, India and is exceptionally strong with digital marketing, especially in organic lead generation.

What Jointviews Digital Marketing Agency did for us –

Initially, they met our development team and had discussions surrounding the Vehicle Tracking System and took time to understand the workings. Later they laid the structure of the website and showed a simple-to-use website layout which we were more than happy with.

The entire development part for the website was taken care of by the team. According to them, being part of the initial stages of the website and having a major role in the development is quite important in ensuring quality online performance.

Once the website was ready, the Jointviews team went about with their digital marketing tactics. During the initial period, the monthly reports sent to us did not have much to show, and we were getting skeptical with the almost zero-response.

But with time, leads started trickling to us. It then grew every month and now we have a significant presence. They have also created animated videos for us, and maintained our social media pages.

It is rare to find a team which can take care of your website from inception to lead generation impeccably. Jointviews is such a team of digital marketing professionals.

Visit Jointviews digital marketing website here  Jointviews

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