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Increase your sales & processes with our integrated and automated waste management Software

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  • Multi User Access
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We are an all in one waste management software solution that ensure big and small roll of companies with state of the art customer management, Inventory management, route planning, pick up scheduling etc.

Why choose us?

We at Vehicletracking Qatar utilizes a unique waste management software guaranteeing secure data management, superior client support and unrivaled waste management solutions, providing our clients with a user friendly, reliable and automated experience.

  • Simplify your daily waste management operations
  • 24×7 support system
  • Immediate deployment & set up
  • Actionable data from real time data
  • High performance route planning & optimization

Benefits of our Software

  • Cost saving software by providing reports on hazardous waste generation & lower cost disposal options
  • Waste minimization process by determining the amount waste generated at an individual site
  • Workforce are always interconnected whether they are inside or outside the vehicle
  • Providing better service by responding to the changing workloads automatically & quickly
  • Auto Routing will be executed based on the vehicle type and starting point
  • Can configure as per as your requirement at each collection point

Features of Our Waste Management System

Route Optimization: Based on the sensor fitted waste bins allocated on different collection points over intelligent waste management software derives the most efficient routes for each trip

Fleet Tracking: With real time monitoring and geofencing the transport managers can assure that your fleets are functioning effortlessly without any mismatches happening

Trip Optimization: With daily report collection through the waste management system our solution will optimize & give out a comprehensive operational data in real time

Vehicle Management: Optimizing time is very efficient for any waste management system, so we provide an effective route map with our solution that will assure a cost effective waste management cycle by utilizing the resources productively

Driver Management: Our system is packed with an exclusive console for drivers providing them with their duty calendars, vehicle, route & assigned trips to avoid mishaps.

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