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Vehicle Document Management

Aimed at the idea of paperless governance we here at vehicle tracking introduce you Vehicle document management feature. Targeted in transforming your entire fleet digitally by creating a digital platform where you can store your verification, insurance & permit documents thus eliminating the need of carrying physical documents.

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With Vehicle Document Management feature things are managed quickly & easily, instead of manually carrying around hard copies of required documents you can now convert them into digital format and store it electronically on our device. The process of processing, storing, and retrieving required data in the document via software is termed as Vehicle document management. With this feature, you can preserve documents for a longer period of time also resulting in saving the cost due to the damage or loss of the orignal document

Specialties of Vehicle Document Management

Documents can be easily retrieved whenever required because its stored centrally in a systematic way.

Extremely flexible group and user-based security along with many system-level rights

Restrict access of other users but still can be viewed by the transport managers at all times.

A centralized interface so everyone can access it from all the workstations inside the environment.

Documents can be easily retrieved whenever required because its stored centrally in a systematic way.

Availability of built-in reports for mangers to get useful insights about the documents and other important business processes

Automatically archive old and important documents for future reference

Included with a backup machine in case damage or loss to the software

Need more than just a simple GPS Tracking System for your Fleet

Importance and Benefits of Vehicle Document Management

Streamlined recording and management testing and taxation process

Historical safety check records at the touch of a button

Management of all vehicle incident and prosecutions

Management and storage of vehicles' procedure documentation

Management of staff, maintenance plans, and service history

Rapid access in an event of vehicle incident or inspection

Vehicle tracking system is the only company in Qatar that offers high-end Vehicle Document Feature for the transport industry. With complete backup, well organized, and error-free document management. As vehicle tracking is becoming more complex with ever-changing trends it’s great to have the support of a vehicle document management feature to ensure that a company is able to scale when they need to.

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