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We understand the challenges you face in managing a fleet, ensuring driver safety, and optimizing productivity. Our comprehensive solution provides real-time monitoring, driver behavior tracking, vehicle performance insights, and much more. With our customizable features and user-friendly interface, you’ll have complete control over your fleet, promoting safety, efficiency, and cost savings.

What is an In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS)?

IVMS is an innovative and advanced telematics technologies used in vehicles to track and monitor their performance and the behavior of the driver. Such a system typically includes GPS tracking, real-time monitoring of vehicle data such as speed, acceleration, braking, and engine performance, and driver behavior monitoring such as driving while feeling drowsy to ensure compliance with safety regulations and prevent accidents. With such advanced features, the monitoring system can help fleet managers optimize their operations, improve safety, and reduce costs associated with vehicle maintenance and fuel consumption. Additionally, such a system allows fleet managers to monitor their drivers in real-time and identify risky behaviors such as speeding, harsh braking, and aggressive driving. This information can be used to provide driver feedback and training, which can help reduce accidents and improve road safety.

Key Features of Our In-vehicle Monitoring System:

Unlock the Power of IVMS: Experience the Numerous Benefits

Our telematics solution offers a multitude of advantages that can significantly enhance your fleet management. By leveraging this cutting-edge technology, you can:

Unlocking Driver Excellence: Advanced Performance Tracking and Ranking

At Vehicle Tracking System, we understand the critical role that effective fleet management plays in the success of your business. That’s why we are proud to offer you a cutting-edge IVMS system equipped with advanced performance tracking features.
  1. Track Total Distance : Our IVMS system meticulously records the distance covered by each vehicle with the current driver, enabling fuel analysis, optimized routing, and efficiency identification.
  2. Measure Total Duration: Gain insights into driver operation with accurate logs of total operating time. Effectively manage work hours, ensure compliance, and optimize resource allocation.
  3. Monitor Idle Time: Identify inefficiencies by tracking and recording the duration of vehicle idling. Minimize fuel wastage, reduce emissions, and improve operational efficiency.
  4. Track Running Time: Get real-time data on the total time your vehicles spend in motion. Analyze productivity, schedule maintenance, and maximize fleet utilization.
  5. Compare Driving Scores: Evaluate driver performance by comparing current and previous week’s driving scores. Enable targeted improvement strategies and promote safe practices.
  6. Detect Seat Belt Violations: Ensure driver safety with our seat belt non-compliance detection. Record occurrences, duration, and distance without seat belts for proactive measures.
  7. Identify Harsh Braking: Our system logs instances of harsh braking, providing insights into driver behavior. Improve training programs and extend braking system lifespan.
  8. Record Harsh Acceleration: Detect and record instances of harsh acceleration, indicating driving patterns. Reduce wear and tear, fuel consumption, and enhance safety.
  9. Capture Steep Turns: Identify and record instances of steep turns made by drivers. Improve driving techniques and ensure smoother journeys.
  10. Monitor Speed Breaks : Our IVMS system tracks speed bumps encountered during trips, capturing occurrence, duration, distance, and maximum speed reached. Enhance driving comfort and vehicle maintenance.

Experience Real-Time Monitoring with our IVMS System

Our IVMS system offers advanced real-time monitoring capabilities in real-time to keep you informed about the crucial details of your vehicle operations and driver behavior. By leveraging the wealth of information we offer, you can ensure enhanced reporting, conduct thorough analysis, and effectively monitor both your vehicles’ operations and your drivers’ behavior.

Real-Time Monitoring Details-

Vehicle Running: Start/end time of operation Start/end location , Distance covered , Duration of journey , Maximum speed achieved

Vehicle Idling:

Start/end time , Start location , Duration of idling ,

Vehicle Parked:

Start/end time , Start location , Duration of parking

Vehicle Overspeeding:

Start/end time , Start/end location , Distance covered , Duration of event , Current speed limit , Maximum speed achieved

Seat Belt Violation:

Start/end time , Start/end location , Distance covered , Duration of violation , Maximum speed achieved

Harsh Brake:

Time of event , Location of event , Harsh Acceleration: Time of event, Location of event

Steep Turn:

Time of event , Location of event

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