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Non-Contract Based

Hardware - 400 QAR

200 QAR Setup Cost

Subscription- 40 QAR per month per vehicle

No Contract

Cost includes Hardware installation

No Annual Price hike


Contract Based

No Hardware(Would be provided by us)

150 QAR per vehicle Setup Cost

Subscription- 300 QAR per year per vehicle

Contract for One year

Cost includes Hardware installation

No Annual Price hike

Turn Service On and Off as per requirement

Mobile Based Solution

No Hardware

No Setup Cost

Subscription- 4 QAR per vehicle per month

No Contract

Hardware installation not required

No Annual Price hike

Turn Service On and Off as per requirement

Note: These are standard price for maximum 10 Vehicles.If your requirement exceeds 10 vehicles, request for a special discounted Quote

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Which type of solution do you prefer?

As with almost any technology-based solution, the cost you can expect to pay for a customizable vehicle tracking system. When you choose a package offered by Vehicle Tracking System Qatar, you have to consider following crucial factors such as:

  • Type of tracking system you require
  • Type and number of vehicles you need to track
  • Brand of hardware product you choose
  • Whether you opt for purchasing outright or leasing equipment

If you are opting for an advanced tracking system for your vehicle fleet then the purchase cost may be higher. Yet, with advanced features you can significantly reduce theft, improve driver efficiency, and bring more savings than a simple passive system could offer. So, keep in mind that the vehicle tracking system you purchase must be within your business and budget specifications.

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