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Probytes – Our Development Partner

Developing an AI incorporated GPS tracking software system with an effective IOT system which encompasses multiple mobile apps is never easy. Our search to find a quality ensuring, experienced specialist came to an end with Probytes. 

Why Probytes?

Probytes specializes in providing top notch services and support to web app development clients. A skilled and experienced team to back their motto “Excellence is not a skill, it’s our attitude” is their major highlight. Their high standards, attention to detail and aim to get the work done following the simple principle of KISS (keep it simple, stupid) reflects all around our website.

What they did for us

  • Multiple web applications were designed for the system
  • Integrated Google map with the application
  • Integrated Yii web apps to the WordPress website
  • AI programs were integrated into the web apps for auto-routing, route optimization related purposes
  • Implemented dormant payment modules in the web app which can be revived upon the choice of the client
  • Created the web app to seamlessly integrate with hardware and apps
  • The apps carried out tracking, fuel notification and security-related activities
  • The web app was designed to display various vehicle based hardware status

Their aptitude in managing a responsive interface and the ability to adapt to new technologies are just part of who they are. Explore to know more about their capabilities.

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