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The Vehicle Tracking System is essentially an IoT system which incorporates multiple mobile apps and web apps. For creating these for such a complex system in a reliable manner, ensuring quality was challenging for us. So, we partnered with Mobile app development specialists Redbytes.

The Redbytes team worked very closely with our developers, understanding the product very well and creating designs and functions to our satisfaction. There have been several iterations back and forth before finalizing on the current design. In our experience, Redbytes team members are all meticulous in their work ethic and they relish problem solving in both design and function.

When outsourcing work, collaboration is a key challenge and we had apprehensions with Redbytes building apps for us in the beginning. But the communication was really good that they felt like an in-house team.

About Redbytes

Redbytes Software is a leading mobile app development company with roots in India and UK. With over 9+ years of experience in mobile and web development, they provide unique apps to clients worldwide that help them improve their business. They are a team comprised of 100+ experienced app developers who create mobile app solutions and till date, they have helped over 260+ entrepreneurs worldwide to gain a competitive edge with over 350+ innovative apps.

They don’t just make apps, they provide services including idea conceptualization, market validation, app design and testing. As a strong team, Redbytes constantly keep themselves updated to latest technology & integrates the most cutting edge tech for every app they create. Their strategic process provides quick turnaround times thus keeping the costs down. As a top mobile app provider, they not only create IoT based apps but also work on other domains.

Over the years, they have served multiple industries including Mobile Gaming, Education, Healthcare, Food & Delivery, Travel & Tourism, Automotive Industry, Tracking & Delivery, and Online Marketplaces

You can know more about Redbytes app development services here

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