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At Vehicle Tracking System, we provide state-of-the-art solutions to enhance the security of your fleet. Our advanced immobilization features protect your vehicles against theft and unauthorized access with ease.

Remote Immobilisation

Remote Immobilisation is a critical security feature that allows you to disable your vehicle's ignition system from a remote location. This is particularly useful in the event of theft or unauthorized access. If you receive a theft alarm and are unable to track or locate your vehicle manually, you can immobilize it remotely to prevent further movement. It ensures the security of your vehicles by allowing you to disable them remotely. When the immobilise command is given, it will be applied once the vehicle comes to a stop. For safety reasons, the immobilise command will not work while the vehicle is in motion.

How it works :

  • Upon receiving a theft alarm, access the immobilization feature through our software.
  • Trigger the immobilization, which will disable the vehicle’s ignition, preventing it from being started or moved.

Key Benefits :

  • No Extra Hardware Needed: Standard GPS trackers are sufficient, with Teltonika GPS devices being the best option.
  • Easy Integration: Wiring should be done as per Teltonika instructions, making the setup straightforward.
  • Ideal for Car Rental Companies: This feature is also useful for managing pending payments, ensuring vehicles cannot be used until payments are settled.

Remote Remobilisation

Once you have retrieved the lost or stolen vehicle after immobilizing it, the vehicle will need to be remobilized. Remote Remobilisation is an efficient process that allows you to re-enable the vehicle's ignition system remotely. After successfully triggering the immobilization, you can use the same software to remobilize the vehicle, restoring its normal operation.

How it works :

  • After ensuring the vehicle is secure, access the remobilization feature through our software.
  • Enable the remobilization, which will re-enable the vehicle’s ignition, allowing it to be started and driven again.

Key Benefits :

  • Convenient for Self-Driving Cars: When one customer finishes their rental, the vehicle can be immobilised and then re-mobilised for the next customer remotely.
  • Efficient Fleet Management: Car rental companies can easily manage their fleet, ensuring vehicles are ready for the next customer without any manual intervention.

Our Remote Remobilisation feature adds flexibility and convenience, especially for car rental and self-driving car services. Once a vehicle has been immobilised, it can be quickly re-enabled for the next customer.

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