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If you are searching for an economical, uncomplicated, and a flawless fleet tracking software, your quest ends in vehicle tracking. Track, monitor, and enhance fleet operations with our fleet management software.

Key Features

Real-time tracking

A fleet manager can monitor the vehicle fleets efficiently and swiftly with our fleet management software. You can track their real-time location and recognize their whereabouts within a matter of seconds.

Push notifications

Our software provide real-time alerts and push notifications to the fleet manager as well as drivers instantly. The time spend for communicating with the driver can be saved via our software.

Mobile Apps

We offer 2 apps- vehicle tracking driver app (for drivers) and vehicle tracking manager app (for fleet managers). This enables them to commit their task effortlessly and efficiently.

Auto routing and route optimization

Our software integrates AI to enhance your fleet management task. With auto routing facility, fleet managers can determine the optimized route for your trip.

Geo fencing

The Geo-fencing facility enables the fleet managers to generate a pre-determined boundary within a route. With the smart alarm system, the fleet managers receive Geo-fencing alerts once the driver crosses the boundary limit.

Route planner

This is an open feature, which assists you to examine the fleet details and optimize transportation. There are two kinds of data entry process (with a close consideration for privacy) and demand only minimal data from the users.

Vehicle management, fuel management

With the advanced features you will be able to receive vehicle maintenance alerts, manage vehicle fleets efficiently, and curtail unnecessary fuel expenses.


Users can generate individual reports for each of your vehicles, trips, etc. Based on the reports, you can augment the overall fleet performance and profitability of the business.



Save the time and money of your fleet business by installing fleet management software.


Obtain error-free and accurate fleet data via the fleet management software.

Enhanced communication

The fleet management software enables you to send instructions and warnings to drivers.

Improved customer service

By instantly responding to the queries, you can provide enhanced service to the customers and clients.

Increased efficiency

A fleet management software can augment driver performance, improve routing and thereby increase overall business efficiency.

Enhanced safety

The software enhances the safety of drivers and vehicle fleets.

Automated reports

Through the reports, you can augment the fleet performance and profitability of your business.

Lower vehicle replacement rate

A fleet management software provides maintenance alerts and thus prevents the replacement of vehicles.

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