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6 Types of Trucks Used in Logistics Worldwide

February 19th, 2018
6 Types of Trucks Used in Logistics Worldwide

Different types of trucks are used to transport goods from one place to another. Logistics is one of the largest industries in the world, transporting various materials to different places.

There are different trucks that can capacitate different quantities of goods. The needs of logistics department are specific but changes according to the type of good transported or the quantity of it.

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Each truck has different capabilities which cannot change. So the transporter carefully chooses the means of transportation. This also affects the profit margin of the transporter.

So they have to choose wisely what kind of transportation has to be used to transport their goods.

One of the biggest challenges while transporting goods is to move goods from one point to another without damaging it and also in a time frame.

Here we will discuss the different types of trucks used in logistics worldwide.

1. Semi Trailer Trucks

semi trailer truck image

A majority of cargoes are transported in these trucks. Semi trailer trucks (one popular types of trucks used in logistics) are very much common on the roads.

One can load a semi-trailer truck from removing its tent cover from above, or from the side or through its back side. It has a maximum capacity of 24,000 kilogram. It is ideal for goods that can be stacked.

2. Tail Lift Trucks

tail lift truck image

These trucks have a lifting mechanism so as to load goods onto the truck. These are relatively small in size ending upon the tail lift it can carry a maximum of 2000 kilogram.

The goods can be loaded only from the back side and is used mainly on distribution freights.

3. Jumbo Trailer Trucks

Jumbo Trailer Truck image

Similar to semi-trailer trucks these trucks can carry a maximum of 24,000 kilograms and has more capacity as it has a lesser wheel diameter and a G-shaped floor.

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These trucks are ideal to transporting capacious goods as it is lightweight and spacious. Just like the semi-trailer truck, you can load from the top, from the sides or also from the back.

Image Source: Steinbach

4. Flatbed Trucks

flatbed truck image

These trucks are named so as it has an open cargo bed trailer along with the driver’s cabin. As flatbed trucks don’t have a roof or sides it is easy to load or unload goods on or from it.

It is an ideal truck for durable and bulky freight like wood, pipes, construction material, carts, etc. which can easily loaded in to the extended trailer. These materials can be unloaded or loaded from the top using a crane.

5. Straight Trucks

straight truck image

This is one of the types of trucks used in logistics that are commonly used to transport small items like furniture, home goods, and similar freight deliveries. It is also known as box truck, cube track or cube van.

This is a popular choice among many drivers as it requires fewer licensing requirements. It is one of those trucks that carry the same chassis for the power unit as well as the cabin.

6. Refrigerated Trucks

refrigerated truck image

These are types of trucks that are used to transport perishable goods like agricultural products, pharmaceuticals, vegetables or fruits.

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The most common type of refrigerated trucks is the semi-trailer or the 18 wheeler truck. These trucks can control the inner temperature which makes it suitable for certain goods.

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