How GPS Tracking Helps Junk / Waste Removal Companies

Monday July 23, 2018


This topic might seem absurd. How GPS tracking help junk removal companies? Really?

Oh yes. GPS has its application in every field; if only we knew how it is applicable.

GPS tracking provides invaluable tools and services for junk removal companies. If you are a junk removal company, you might be already using a GPS tracking system for navigation purposes.

Many of you may not realize that GPS tracking offers more than showing directions.

It has various applications and is used to track people, equipment, vehicles, and assets.  The needs for GPS tracking may be consumer or commercial based, personal or business related. There are effective GPS tracking solutions for each of them.

Let us take a look at how junk removal companies make use of GPS tracking system.

1. Improves record keeping

It is often a tedious process to obtain the logs and records from drivers. Such information is essential to handle billing, taking care of tax obligations and take care of payroll or to file appropriate papers with the state or local authorities. This might be one of the most exasperating aspects of owning a junk removal company.

A good GPS system can automate the process for your junk removal company.

It can not only record logs of the distance covered by specific drivers but also generate electronic invoices, collect the signatures of customers for things like expense reports, liability waivers and damage reports as needed and then generate the information to you at the end of a driver’s daily activities.

2. More efficient routing

If you are a junk removal company investing in a GPS system is worth your money. It will help you by providing shortest routes to pick-up junk from pre-defined spots. A good GPS system will also factor in traffic conditions and help drivers avoid traffic jams.

You might feel that it is not a big deal to install a GPS tracking system but any company that has a fleet can save a great deal of money over fuel, labour and maintenance every year.

Over time the money saved can add up to be bigger profit to the firm or higher wages to the employees.

3. Safety measures

You can designate safety standards which your drivers must follow. You will get instant alerts when your drivers engage in unsafe behaviour, deviate from assigned routes, or if vehicles cross the speed limits. This means fleet managers or owners can monitor the behaviour of the drivers in real time and receive alerts.

Additionally, drivers when they know they are being monitored tend to be safer while driving your fleet. Drivers tend to make an extra effort to drive courteously at all times because they know that their activities are watched.

Another nod to safety is that GPS tracking softwares schedule routine maintenance of all fleet vehicles. When junk removal fleets are properly maintained at the right time, they will last longer and will be safer to operate. This can help save a lot of money and your assets will last longer.

4. Insurance costs

Special discounts are provided by insurance companies for vehicles that are equipped with GPS tracking systems. Premium amounts can be reduced as much as 35 percent by using a GPS fleet management system. This is another advantage of a GPS tracking system.

5. Protecting assets

GPS tracking has a lot to offer for your junk removal company. Safety of vehicles is an important factor when you own a fleet.

In the event your vehicle is stolen you can retrieve it by using a GPS system to know where exactly your vehicle is. A vehicle tracking system will protect your investments by giving real time location updates.

6. Improved customer service

The needs of the customers are ever growing. Customers will want a junk removal company to meet their needs at the right time.

GPS tracking system will help the fleet to reach customers on time by communicating the roads that have less traffic. Thus the dispatcher is able to make quick and informed decisions thereby improving customer service.

A Final Thought

Any company that has a fleet of its own will need a GPS tracking system to monitor the vehicles and the employees. As a junk removal company, you will have a lot of vehicles that haul junk from different parts of the city.

It is important to know the location of your vehicles, whether it is in motion or if it is idle. Such information is important to make the right decision at the right time which influences the profit of the junk removal company.

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