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Vehicle Tracking Mobile App

Transport Manager Registration

Once the user downloads the app, he/she can register and start using for free for a limited amount of time. After the free period is done the user should choose a subscription plan to then continue using the Vehicle Tracking App completely.

After activating a specific plan, the transport manager can access general settings, integration settings & many more and effectively use the app to bring maximum ROI.

Features of Vehicle Tracking App

Multiple Trips

Transport Managers can create, assign, list, delete& edit multiple trips via the app like scheduled trips & dispatch trips with ease.

Vehicle Assigning

Transport Managers can easily list, view, edit, create & delete vehicle details through the app.

Multiple User Profiles

Transport Manager

Transport Manager Effectively manage operational aspects & hectic tasks of your entire fleet with less cost and more efficiency.


Transport managers can list, view, edit, create and delete trips for driver personals via the app

Fleet Manager

Transport Managers can divide his/her work by assigning fleet managers for cutting down work time and improving efficiency. Via the app transport managers can view, list, edit, create & delete fleet manager profiles.

Bus Assistant

Transport manager can create list, view, edit & create trips for Bus assistants.

Seamless Communication

Transport manager can seamlessly connect with other users via the app to make effective communication possible. Transport manager can decide what type notification to send and in which format too. Via the app you can send messages, push notifications & make announcements.

Upgrade your Fleet with Vehicle Tracking GPS Software & get more real-time Fleet Insights

Benefits of Choosing Vehicle Tracking GPS App

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