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We are powered with Amazon based relational database service that provide users with six familiar database engines like MySql, Oracle, Amazon Aurora, PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL server. Amazon RDS allows you to integrate your existing database as its service allowing you to use your code and applications.

Why we chose AWS as our Hosting Platform

Amazon RDS helps us in administering our daily database modus operandi such as,

  • Failure detection
  • Patching
  • Provisioning
  • Data Backup
  • Data Recovery
  • Repair

Powered by Amazon RDS our vehicle tracking application is enhanced for reliability and productivity workloads. We are able to run critical workloads with high availability from our primary database and scale out beyond single database deployment system.


image Fortified by Encryption

Unlike cheaper web hosting services AWS-RDS helps protect our user profiles and tracking details by encrypting our database with AWS key management services. By doing so our cloud server,

  • Uses IAM access management policies to assign user permissions
  • Uses Security groups to control what IP address or instances can connect to our database
  • Encrypts our database to secure our database instances and snapshots at rest
  • Uses the security feature of our database engine to control who can log into the database on a database instance

Benefits of Deploying AWS RDS

  • Performance of the server is suitable for a broad range of database workloads
  • Storage scalability is on the fly with zero downtime
  • Enables point in time recovery for the database instance and backups the database and transaction logs for a specified retention period
  • Manages security by encrypting databases using keys by virtue of AWS Key Management Services
  • Provides access over 50 CPU’s, file systems, memory, disk I/O metrics and performance insights to quickly monitor and detect performance issues
  • Easy and affordable monthly charge for the database instances that you launch

Collaborating with Amazon RDS made it easier for us to set up operate and scale a relational DB in the cloud. Since it is available on multiple database instances types, it was cost efficient and resizable capacity while automating administration tasks such as, database setup, hardware provisioning, patching and backups. Amazon RDS focused on our applications and deliver high availability, fast performance, compatibility and security we need.

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