4 Major Ways Vehicle Location Data Helps to Improve Customer Service

Tuesday December 6, 2016


Customer experience is the key factor that determines the success of every service organization. Apart from that, people may also compare the technical capabilities of different companies, reputation of companies, and its competitive edges.

If your company delivers superior customer service, then obviously your company will reap more benefits from it.

You need to be aware of various factors that improve customer service and you can practice new methods for creating tight competition to others.

With the help of modern vehicle tracking systems, you will be able to get precise data regarding location and, thereby, improve client interactions through the following 4 key capabilities:

1. Provide a clear cut service estimate to clients

Often, you feel dejected when you call a driver and have been told they will reach you within the next two to four hours. You may think that you deserve more details than you are given by them.

In order to have an accurate detail about the service, you should have a clear idea about where drivers are at all times.

When a vehicle tracking system with the map functionality is installed, you get details about the nearest driver to a particular client and calculate how long will it take to reach that destination.

Hence, you can provide a clear cut service estimate to clients using the details you obtain from a tracker.

2. Quickly convey response to customers

It is not a simple task to give a quick response to customer emergencies. Sometimes, you need to distribute multiple tasks amidst different drivers, for the purpose of optimizing services.

For this, you need to have a clear view of the entire fleet in handling such intricate workflows. The things that can be done using a vehicle tracking system are listed as follows:

i. Identify a customer’s location using the map in a vehicle tracking system

ii. Able to carry out a frequent check on each driver’s job

iii. Assign a suitable driver to the bothered customer instantly based on priority and closeness

iv. Have a co-ordination with other drivers in the fleet and address emergency situations

These benefits offered by the system help to ensure that customers are properly taken care at the time of urgency. When you handle emergency situations well, clients can be better managed.

3. Create more efficient drivers

In a fleet business, your drivers are ultimately responsible for enhancing the customer experience. With the help of a GPS system, you will be able to monitor what they are doing at a particular moment, guide them to operate efficiently and make the business successful.

Here follows some of the ways by which you can create more efficient drivers using the data in a GPS tracking system:

i. You can evaluate the total amount of time taken by each driver based on different traffic conditions

ii. Identify whether there is any kind of harsh driving from your drivers, which delays delivery of the product

iii. You can guide drivers to avoid dangerous or restricted areas by constantly monitoring them, which helps to ensure safety of your drivers

iv. It helps dispatchers to make the best decision based on the data available from trackers

It is obvious that all the drivers operate well, when they are closely monitored, and ensured adequate safety. This helps you to achieve excellent customer service.

Once the goal to improve driver efficiency is achieved, you can make use of tracking data for identifying and rewarding best drivers. All these help to improve overall customer interactions.

4. Internal visibility increases customer credibility

With the modern tracking system, you will be able to see the internal system of the vehicle and immediately know whether a vehicle needs maintenance or not. And if there is any damage inside any vehicle parts, you will be able to know about it immediately.

The key focus of every company is to accomplish customer satisfaction and thus build a good reputation. You should create an impression in the customer’s mind that your company is capable of handling issues efficiently with a tracking system.


Also, by using tracking devices, you will be able to optimize various fleet management processes effectively and provide superior customer service. As a result, harmony is created among your drivers as well as clients.