101 Reasons to Choose Vehicletracking

Friday December 22, 2017


Vehicletracking is one of the leading providers of affordable and customizable GPS vehicle tracking system in Qatar. Consequently, fleet owners are offered with tracking hardware and software solutions, that assist them to manage fleets efficiently. Nevertheless, with our brilliant solutions, you will be able to enhance safety and work efficiency.

Want to know the reasons why Vehicletracking is the best choice for you? Lets’ check it out:

  1. Real-time tracking of vehicle fleets
  2. Geo-fencing feature with smart alarm systems
  3. Obtain route history of each trip
  4. Enhance driver efficiency by monitoring their driving behavior
  5. Provide alternative routes in times of emergency
  6. Route optimization and auto-routing
  7. Improved communication by enabling two-way messaging
  8. Reduce fuel costs considerably
  9. Instant alerts for aggressive driving and violation of speed limits
  10. Save location data for further reference
  11. Attain detailed MIS reports
  12. Easily accessed, navigation friendly and simple user interface
  13. Serve 24*7 support for customers
  14. Quick response to emergencies
  15. Track vehicle movement in real-time
  16. Prevent vehicle theft with anti-theft system
  17. Save money by identifying the most appropriate route
  18. Recognize the fuel efficiency of the vehicle
  19. Attain vehicle health report
  20. Analyze driver performances
  21. Instant alerts and notifications
  22. Provide customized apps for users and other staff
  23. Enhance employee productivity
  24. Efficient fleet management
  25. Keep track of fleet activities
  26. Multiple driver compatibility
  27. Improve safety of employees and vehicle fleets
  28. Know the fuel tank status, vehicle temperature, battery voltage, etc.
  29. Identify the current vehicle status (parked state or moving state)
  30. Special discount for fleet companies owning more than 40 vehicles
  31. On/Off status of AC
  32. Quick and easy dispatching
  33. Augment customer satisfaction
  34. Set up speed limit for the vehicle fleets
  35. Fleet managers have full access over the GPS tracking unit
  36. Availability of affordable tracking system
  37. Minimize the insurance cost
  38. Able to send commands for immobilizing the vehicle
  39. Identify the current speed of the vehicle
  40. Budget-friendly packages for the clients
  41. Obtain SMS alerts at regular intervals
  42. Mobile apps for drivers and transport managers
  43. Track the heavy vehicle even though it is in off condition
  44. Message alerts when a device is attempted for tampering
  45. Improve route planning by analysing the routes utilized by drivers
  46. Receive past history report on a particular date
  47. Manage app users properly
  48. Access anytime from anywhere
  49. Prepare a performance report on the basis of total distance travelled, total time taken, vehicle speed, etc.
  50. Generate several reports for each vehicle
  51. Avail fleet data anytime
  52. Recognize improper vehicle utilization through alerts
  53. Augment employee morale
  54. Obtain real-time traffic data and thereby, avoid traffic blocks
  55. Boost the profitability of a fleet business
  56. Offers security for assets
  57. Resolve the dominant fleet related issues with the captured data
  58. Lower overall fleet expenses
  59. Prevent risky driving behaviors such as over speeding, late start times, unnecessary stop times, unauthorised vehicle utilization, etc.
  60. Customer profile (obtain complete statistics related to customers)
  61. Exploitation of modern technologies
  62. Real-time announcements for users
  63. Data exporting (as PDF, word doc, text, etc.) and data importing(direct entry and API integration) facility
  64. Safe driver ranking system
  65. Pick-up point optimization
  66. Payment facility (raise invoice, payment receipts, pending payment)
  67. Configuration checker (especially useful for first time users)
  68. Proper shift management
  69. Instant trip management
  70. Decreased maintenance rate for hardware and software
  71. Implement industry standard technologies
  72. Lower downtime
  73. Enhance utilization of resources
  74. Increase vehicle utilization
  75. Manage all the staffs together effortlessly
  76. Lessen paperwork
  77. Improve the competency of a fleet business
  78. Reduce unnecessary phone calls for knowing the work status
  79. Decrease the accident rates and other related hazards
  80. Notify drivers regarding route diversion
  81. Enhance financial stability of the fleet business
  82. Recognize the false complaints, claims, etc.
  83. Take instant action against violation of company policy on the basis of reports
  84. Increase the number of completed jobs routinely
  85. Eliminate overtime of employees
  86. Reduce the chance for fuel wastage
  87. Optimize the distance covered by fleets
  88. Boost ROI of a fleet business
  89. Avoid financial loss due to damage, theft, etc.
  90. Provide peace of mind to fleet managers and customers
  91. View vehicles on the map whenever you need
  92. Receive daily reports indicating the start time and stop time of trip
  93. Push notification for delayed trips, completed trips, etc.
  94. Attribute privilege for different types of users
  95. Users have full freedom to manage their accounts (including the branding rights)
  96. Improve the supervision of fleet managers
  97. Store SIM card details and retrieve it whenever necessary
  98. Playback facility enabling the unplanned trip to scheduled trip
  99. Facility to send notification either for everyone, individually, or selected drivers
  100. Choose the language by which notifications are to be received, type of notifications to be received, etc.
  101. Instantly know the untracked vehicles due to data expiry, gray areas, SIM validity expiry, theft, or tampering