How Smartphone Technology is Influencing Trucking Business

Tuesday March 13, 2018


Staying connected is one of the vital elements when it comes to any trucking business.

This is important when it comes to staying in touch with drivers, track deliveries and update schedules.

In future, all trucking businesses will rely a lot on technology of all forms, from a system that monitors the health of your fleet to even driverless trucks.

They ensure that the functions of the fleet are hassle free.

To the centre of this entire process are smart phones that will be of prime importance to drivers as a vital tool to stay connected with the centralized system.

Large companies that have a fleet of trucks find it difficult to track the vehicles once they are on road.

Companies often resort to a good GPS tracking software to manage their fleet.

The role of smartphones is integral so as to be connected with each other.

Smartphones help drivers to be connected with the transport managers and get real time updates regarding how the transportation can be managed well.

By getting these updates it makes it easier for managing the activities of both the vehicle and the driver.

Let us see how smartphone technology is influencing the trucking business.

How Drivers Make Use of Smartphones

It is clear how smartphones play a crucial role in improving efficiency and drive innovation.

The future of trucking will largely rely upon such devices to improve the performance.

In all these functionalities the most important factor is the use of smartphones used not just by the drivers but also the fleet managers to ensure proper communication as achieved.

87 percent of drivers say they used their smart phones every single day for work and, on an average they spend 37 percent of their workday using a smart phone.

51 percent said they used smart phones for texting or chatting and 70 percent make use of smart phones to make calls, while 55 percent said they use it for navigation.

Smartphone is definitely an important tool for mobile fleet management.

A lot of drivers have agreed to the fact that they do use smart phones to communicate with transport managers and dispatches.

As drivers already use mobile devices for majority of their interactions there is a lot of room for using mobile devices for interactions.

Drivers can record delivery status by using their devices or log in their driving hours by using a smartphone.

Such small entries can make a big difference while planning the whole trip.

How to Leverage the Power of Smartphones

To leverage the power of smartphones, companies need to make sure that the mobile fleet management systems are efficient and help the drivers by enabling them with the best tools available.

The system not only helps improves the efficiency of the management but also makes sure the system in more safe.

Fleet managers can monitor the activities of their workforce and take better decisions on how to organize the fleet.

With the advent of smartphones fleet managers are no longer tied to their desktops and can deal with situations that needs his attention and quickly give instant updates to customers regarding the location of the truck and when the goods for delivery can be delivered.

Such types of instant updates can help the business reap benefits that can’t be attained in the absence of a centralized system.

With increased connectivity drivers can send fleet managers essential real time data and status updates by using smartphones so that they can make better decisions.

This offers better visibility to everyone who is part of the system.

Future of Trucking

The next step to this is of course Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Voice assistant technologies will alter the present phase of fleet management.

Latest innovations will even more benefits and help address the pain points that a fleet management company faces.

In future there will be incredibly sophisticated technologies that trucking companies and driver can use to reap more benefits.

When voice assistant technology is clubbed with AI, hands free operation is possible and for making a call or setting up a new destination.

Another advance in smartphone technology will be biometric security the fleet will be secured and more safe.

With iris recognition and fingerprint technology drivers can ensure better safety for their vehicles.


Smartphones are being used already to manage fleets and how they work.

It is now an integral part to managing trucks and their business. With the advent of AI the whole game will change and will integrate the daily activities of trucking business.

This not only improves the profit of trucking business but also ensures the safety of the fleet.

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