Transportation Industry and its Imminent Future

Thursday May 17, 2018


Just as William Gibson said that ‘the future is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed’ the same is the case with transportation industry.

Several strides of innovation have resulted in some intriguing and fascinating enhancements in the transportation industry.

Some of these technologies are being tested and prototyped and haven’t hit a wide scale adoption. So the large scale adoption of technology seems imminent.

In this read, we are sharing an overview of the major developments that are changing the transportation industry.


Self Driving Cars

If you think cars and other self-driving vehicles are just fragments of our imagination, here is news for you. Such technology has already been developed and is being tested.

It is expected that by 2020 there will be about ten million self driving cars on the road. More than 10 million self driving cars that are connected to the high tech networks will share the road with them.

There are already self driving features for cars that are on the road by Waymo, BMW, and Tesla.

These cars make use of machine learning along with a set of cameras, a complex system of sensors and software that assist the vehicle to absorb data from their surroundings and learn from what the data is telling them.

An equivalent of 300 years of driving experience has already been logged in by Waymo since 2009 and it promises to lower stress, improve transportation, make our roadways safer and free up our time.


Optimization Through Machine Learning

Tremendous amount of data is generated from all of the connected devices that can be used to improve efficiencies and safety throughout the transportation systems.

Data is the fuel that will provide valuable insights to improve the transportation system. Real time data can be used for optimizing delivery routes, tracking traffic, payment processing and insurance premiums. This can prevent costly downtime with your fleet.


Cargo Ships Controlled with Remote

Rolls Royce has revealed that they are developing cargo ships that don’t need humans aboard it.

These ships can be controlled remotely using land based control hubs and this paves way to control multiple ships at the same time. As there are no crew aboard there is a lot of room for more cargo too.

These would be cheaper to operate compared to the ships that have a crew on board. Rolls Royce predicts that we will be able to see these ships by the end of this decade.


Autonomous Trucks

There are almost 8.7 million people working in the trucking industry in the United States. This is a significant reason to the bothered about how autonomous trucks will impact their lives.

Tesla has a concept truck that is automated. It is an electric semi trailer truck which boasts of an enhanced auto pilot gauge. It can automatically assist you with changing lanes.

Daimler trucks have launched an 18 wheel fully autonomous truck which is much awaited. Although the truck is not driverless it can take control of certain functions similar to the auto pilot used in today’s planes.

It can keep a safe distance from other vehicles; maintain a consistent speed and more other features.

Swedish based startup Einride has gone a step further by revealing its prototype of a self driven truck that doesn’t have a cabin and can be controlled completely by a remote operator.

It claims to drive autonomously without any human interaction. Similarly in 2016, Uber has tested its autonomous truck which travelled around 120 miles and made its first delivery of 50,000 beers in UK.

Electric trucks are expected to curb the carbon emissions and improve efficiency.


Aviation and Flying Crafts

Thinking when you can soar the skies instead of battling the traffic?

Volocopter, an aviation company along with Dubai has recently tested a potential air drone taxi. The model was a two seat unmanned drone or flying craft that tested a five-minute flight carrying Dubai’s Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed.

He said “This is another testament to our commitment to driving positive change. We are constantly exploring opportunities to serve the community and advance the prosperity and happiness of society.”

Dubai in association with Volocopter aims to create an air taxi which can be summoned just like Uber as an air taxi that takes you to the skies.


 To Wrap It Up

Everything is changing in the transportation industry. Vehicles are becoming autonomous and driverless.

With the help of historical data, machines learn the ways of humans to take up and perform tasks on their own. Although machines are not perfect, a lot of tasks that are done by humans are now carried out by machines.

In the imminent future, we can expect Artificial Intelligence to be a significant part of the transportation industry.