Influence of GPS Tracking System in Travel and Tourism Industry

Tuesday January 16, 2018


People arrange trips mainly for stress relief and spend quality time with their family. Nevertheless, travelling soothe the body and mind. A majority of people have neglected trips due to safety concerns.

Meanwhile, technology eliminated the dilemmas in your routine trips and transfigured it into an effortless affair. Although, with the advent of GPS trackers, travel and tourism industry became another lucrative area of business.

Evidently, the tourism industry progressed and the prime reason for this progress is the integration of a GPS vehicle tracking system to the trip. As a result, people stopped bothering regarding the safety and security, enhancing the credibility of the travel and tourism industry.

GPS Tracking System and its Impact on the Tourism Industry

GPS vehicle tracking system is profitable for the travel and tourism industry. However, the system renders the precise real-time location details along with real-time maps, fuel data, speed, and traffic updates.

Check out the merits of GPS tracking system that the tourism industry gains:

1. Improved route allocation – Through the proper route selection or allocation via GPS trackers, you will be able to optimize resources, curtail unnecessary operating costs, enhance your user’s satisfaction, and establish a safe and tranquil journey. Moreover, if a specific route is busy or blocked, the GPS-based mobile apps suggest alternative routes for you.

2. Obtain accurate trip details – The maps will consider and display the safest and simplest route to the destination. Along with it, modern GPS vehicle trackers provide traffic updates and Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) to the destination. Furthermore, it provides details regarding accommodation, Point of Interest (POI), emergency centers, etc.

3. ETA notifications – By realizing the expected arrival time of a vehicle, you will be able to recognize the nearest vehicle to a particular customer and allocate them safely based on a specific landmark.

4. Aware of delays – With the support of real-time alerts, you will be aware of delays and diversions in vehicle arrival timings from the assigned route.

5. Generate report effortlessly – the trackers enable you to constitute a detailed report of the journey and vehicle utilization

6. Discover unauthorized usage of vehicle – whenever a particular driver utilizes the tourist vehicle without permission, you will receive instant notification via a GPS tracking system as there is a provision to activate Geo fencing facility.

7. Real-time alerts – by utilizing the tracking system, you can detect the unauthorized movement of the vehicle and speed limit violation.

8. Reduce the number of disappearance cases – often, in a trip, people will have the dismay of getting lost, especially in the forests or adventure zones.

9. Save money spent for a tourist guide – there is no need for appointing a separate tourist guide since GPS trackers alone can guide your tourist’s path.

 Goodbye to bulky maps and guide books

In the past decade, people intend to have a series of maps and guide books while planning for a trip to a new location. Although, the maps and guide books offer a multitude of benefits, at times, it can be bulky and confusing.

With the advent of GPS based mobile apps, data became further accessible, portable, harmonized, and user-friendly. Thus, the GPS technology developed the travel and tourism industry, and provides an enormous assistance both to tourists and organizers.

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