11 Reasons GPS Vehicle Tracking System is Favourable for Employees

Monday January 30, 2017


GPS-enabled tracking system has largely been a boon for fleet managers and car rental services all over the globe. Installation of a customized and affordable GPS vehicle tracking system can increase the profit figures in the balance sheet of the employers in terms of fuel savings and better time management.

But do they contribute positively to the welfare of the employees? The answer is certainly ‘yes’.

They do benefit a lot for the employees as well.

1. Better time management

Installing a vehicle tracking system can save quite a lot of time otherwise spent in searching for routes. This means employees are better equipped with technology to reach clients in the shortest time. offering greater customer satisfaction.

It can also be translated to more number of rides within the available time thereby ensuring more income.

2. Better maintenance of vehicle possible.

Having a real-time tracking system in your car can avoid unnecessary breakdowns and save fuel. You may not have to worry about your vehicle being in the garage for too long thereby forcing you to be away from work.

3. You might not get stranded anywhere.

Even experienced drivers can get lost sometimes. With a proper tracking solution in place, you can avoid such hardships. Employees can remain connected with their employers and seek help in case of vehicle breakdowns or other unforeseen incidents.

4. Helps to find the shortest route

Employees can find the best and shortest route to the destination and can save fuel and time. A good ride without hassles can surely translate into rewards in terms of income and customer satisfaction. Real-time vehicle tracking can thus help the employees to undertake a higher number of trips.

5. Reduces unemployment

Cab drivers are often forced to limit their job searches near the areas which they are familiar with since they are expected to know the roads well.

With a smart tracking solution installed in the cab, it will be easier for the drivers to ride even on unfamiliar streets and can thus enable them to seek job opportunities everywhere. This can therefore result in significant reduction in unemployment figures among drivers.

6. Avoid rush hour driving

Employees might have faced situations where missing a single right or left turn on the roads have eventually resulted in the loss of time and fuel.

Such a situation can add up to the frustration levels too, and can therefore result in rash driving. Such situations can be avoided with the help of a good tracking solution, resulting in sensible driving habits.

7. Can seek help with ease

In cases of untoward incidents like vehicle breakdown, attempt to robbery, etc., you can seek help within no time if proper tracking equipment is installed. Employees can therefore be confident and be at ease even when driving long distances. Comfortable for women cab drivers

With the increasing workforce presence of women in all fields, including cab services, effective use of tracking tools can ensure safety of the drivers as well as passengers. Employees can send SOS messages instantly with such systems along with accurate location details for timely help.

8. Comfortable for women passengers

Women passengers often face safety issues while travelling and might mistrust drivers. With the necessary tracking equipment installed, a driver is under constant watch and passenger location is being live tracked by the cab owner or the employer.

This increases the level of confidence for women passengers, helping them to travel peacefully. The drivers would also try to maintain a good behavior as much as possible.

9. Helps to drive in extreme weather conditions with ease

Cab drivers might often find it hard to drive in harsh weather conditions such as rain or fog. Direction details provided via the voice activated system in a tracking software can enable drivers to know extreme whether conditions in advance and take necessary precautions.

10. Helps to avoid busy roads

Instant and live monitoring can help the driver to be informed of heavy traffic, especially during peak hours and provide alternative routes to make apt decisions.

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