Two Ways GPS Tracking System Improve Food Quality

Tuesday August 23, 2016


When you think about food quality, some of the things that come across your mind are packaging systems, preservation procedures, ingredient quality and the like. Most of the fleet managers are unaware of the benefits of using GPS vehicle tracking systems on vehicles that are used to carry food. The use of vehicle tracking system can significantly improve food quality of your service.

You may wonder about how can a vehicle tracking system improves the food quality. But it is a true fact that the use of GPS tracking system in vehicles carrying food help you maintain and improve food quality especially for perishable items.

The following are the two ways by which tracking systems help you in improving food quality:

1. Avoid delivery delays of perishable items

Most of the food items you deliver have a short lifespan. Some of your food items will last for only a few days or weeks. While delivering shipments, any kind of delay can make huge impact on the quality of food items reaching at the store.

Even a delay of few hours here and there can make the food arrive late, sometimes extending to a whole day. In such cases, fruits and vegetables may over ripen before it reaches your actual destination, making it completely useless for store keepers.

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With the help of vehicle tracking system, you can avoid the decay of food items by keeping delivery vehicles on time. Using the GPS fleet tracking system, you can:

i. Get alternative routes that help you go around during traffic jams

ii. Keep your drivers from getting lost while delivering food items

iii. Pre-plan delivery routes for achieving greater efficiency

iv. Gather data regarding your vehicle performance and get appropriate alerts at the maintenance time

v. Get alerts when your driver deviates from assigned routes

vi. Able to know the exact location of your vehicle in case of breakdowns

All the above capabilities help you to reduce delivery delays, make the shipment of perishable goods reach on time and increase the profit of a business.

2. Check refrigeration equipment status

Usually, you may seek the aid of refrigerated trailers for delivering highly perishable goods over long distance. But have you ever wondered about the consequences that may cause when a refrigeration unit fails to operate.

In such cases, it is difficult to spot the problem until your driver stops the vehicle and inspect the trailer. This takes a lot of time and at that time the food items may completely perished ruining the whole load.

With the installation of GPS devices, you can easily solve the issue. Certain GPS devices can supply remote diagnostics for your trailers, including power details of the vehicle and current temperature.

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Remote diagnostics help you to instantly notify if there is any sudden power failure or rise in temperature above safe levels. At those situations, you will be able to inform the driver and alert them if there is any check needed for the trailer.

This helps you to make necessary repairs at the right time without spoiling the food items inside the vehicle. By logging this diagnostic data, you will be able to fulfill several key transportation safety standards.

Time management is very much essential for running food and beverage industry. Use of vehicle tracking system helps you to deliver fresh food items without the wastage of money and time.

Hence, implementation of the fleet tracking system will help you provide an accurate estimated arrival time to the customers. This will increase the revenue of your company and make your business reap benefits.