What are the Dominant Fleet Tracking Problems and Ways to Resolve It

November 27th, 2017
What are the Dominant Fleet Tracking Problems and Ways to Resolve It

Fleet management essentially intends to cover the aspects of monitoring, organizing, and analyzing of the fleet activities.

Conducting regular vehicle inspections, creating and maintaining schedules, following established practices that minimize cost and increase savings, scheduling regular awareness programs on safety rules and regulations etc. are the major functions of a fleet business.

Moreover with the increase in fleet size, the functionality of the fleet management system also increases. As a fleet owner, you should have encountered at least one of the following issues for installing real time GPS trackers in your fleet.

1. Expensive for small-scale businesses

Your fleet will require a massive investment for a fleet management software. But the truth is, no fleet can be insignificant. Even mini fleets are susceptible to management issues, which can be solved with the installation of fleet management software.

Therefore, the concerns such as scheduling of vehicles, timely service to reach the clients, locating the vehicle position accurately, and monitoring driver behaviour, etc., becomes cost-effective in the long run.

Meanwhile, the investment in fleet management solutions for miniature fleets can be considered as an asset for future savings.

2. Time limitations

Installing a fleet management solution does not finish with fitting the devices and trackers. Nevertheless,it involves hours of monitoring at least randomly for efficient functioning.

Similar to other technological invention, it limits the manpower needed, but does not eliminate it completely.

Fleet managers often tend to ignore this and after implementing the tracking system, they fail to monitor, which reduces their effectiveness. Along with choosing the right model of GPS tracker device, be sure to plan ahead the monitoring schedule and generation of reports.

3. Employee acceptance

Who on earth would prefer to be constantly watched while at work? Especially with driving, it is genuinely challenging to convince the employees regarding installation of the GPS trackers, which monitor them throughout the day.

Investing a significant amount of time and effort will assist you reap benefits in convincing them about the potential merits of GPS trackers like timely support in emergency cases, reducing the maintenance cost and lengthy visits to garages.

Be sure to arrange regular sessions for employees in refreshing their knowledge of traffic rules and regulations while enhancing their trust and skills in utilizing the services of fleet management software.

4. Technical issues limit tracking

At times GPS tracking devices fail to accurately point locations due to technical glitches. The issues can range from minor ones such as obscuring the signal path from satellites to more severe ones like battery issues.

Final Thoughts

Thankfully, technological advancements and a careful consideration before installation can save you from these issues. Before positioning the device in your vehicle, be sure to check for signal intensity and battery backups.

Consider the storage capacity, facilities such as instant SMS, email notifications, interfacing with android services etc. before finalizing the device model.


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