Who is a Vehicle Route Planner & How Can They Support Fleet Managers

Thursday November 2, 2017


Planning, is a preparatory step for every business. In case of fleet management, route planning is a crucial task, since it assists you to determine the appropriate route for your trip and thereby curtail unnecessary fleet expenses.

How is it possible? However, artificial intelligence made the routing task an effortless one.

Let’s have a swift glance on how AI support route planning:

The leading vehicle tracking system providers have now incorporated vehicle route planning to their own apps. Auto routing is an innovative feature, which accumulates details on vehicle route, collection and distribution point, routine trip, vehicle details and its capacity, vehicle assignments, and driver performance from the current transportation records.

The system will run an intelligent algorithm automatically and by considering the pick up point location, it will automatically suggest optimized route, trip, vehicle assignments, etc. based on shift, and vehicle capacity. Hence, with the support of this auto routing facility, the fleet managers can choose the most efficient route for the trip.

How It Assist Fleet Managers?

Consequently, the task of fleet managers is a complicated and risky one. As a fleet manager, you need to plan and execute strategies that assists you to manage fleets efficiently.

However, the route management plays a significant role in the fleet business. When you obtain sufficient assistance in the route management, half of your task is accomplished.

With the advent of AI integrated fleet management software, route management became an effortless task. Check out the features offered by auto routing and how it enhances the task of fleet managers:

  1. Automatically suggest optimized route, trip, vehicle assignments, etc. based on the details of shift, pick up points, and seat capacity
  2. Execute efficiency check for current routes
  3. Validate and confirm the appropriate route
  4. Optimize vehicle operation, running duration, and distance
  5. Lower vehicle running costs and vehicle running hours

Who is Vehicle Route Planner? What is his Role in Fleet Management?

The vehicle route planner is a user that assists you in planning the routes for the trip. It is difficult for the fleet managers to manage all the tasks together. Hence, in order to assist them, they appoint the route planners.

In case of large fleet companies or logistics companies, the fleet managers require supporting staffs to manage the fleet management task.

Moreover, they will be responsible for creating and managing routes, assigning and managing pick up points, ensures and confirms whether the chosen route is appropriate or not, etc. Furthermore, they administer the request for new pick up points.

However, the appointment of a route planner is the application of delegation of authority process. In fact, a fleet manager delegate route related tasks to vehicle route planners for conducting fleet business efficaciously.

As a matter of fact, the integration of AI in the vehicle tracking system enhanced the overall fleet operations, especially that of the logistics company. With the introduction of route planners, the task of fleet managers became less complicated and risky.

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