4 Main Advantages of Route Planning for Vehicle Fleets

Tuesday June 13, 2017


Managing every single vehicle for cab services might be a fairly difficult task considering the extensive planning involved in time management and of course, finding the best routes all by oneself.

Imagine the task of fleet managers with  numerous vehicles and routes. But its all in the past now. Today we have  GPS vehicle trackers fitted onto the vehicle helps you to manage this task easily.

Fleet managers have several advantages of installing the GPS vehicle tracking system and plan routes with a fleet management solution.

1. Better management of time and vehicle

Time is essentially money, especially in a fleet service. Fleet management software offers automated route planning for your fleet. It calculates the approximate distance traveled, traffic density in the route at various time intervals, number of stoppages, duration of stopping the vehicle, fuel needed,  etc.

Before fixing the routes and charting out the scheduled plan for your vehicles. This helps you in long term planning of fleet management services like school buses, employee pick up vehicles, etc.

Some of the fleet management services even offers diagnostic data on vehicle breakdown, the extent of the repairs, etc. The data can be assigned to be shared with the service centres so that they get an accurate idea of the vehicle condition at the earliest.

This will help the fleet managers to avoid unnecessary cost on larger overhauls and saves a lot of time, which otherwise would be spent on finding and arranging alternate vehicles in case of breakdowns.

2. Automated assigning of vehicles and drivers for the task

For example, the software considers the driver experience and vehicle condition in accordance with the route distance and nature. Routes with dense traffic and difficult geographical terrain might require expertise in driving and lots of patience.

Fleet management software calculates the extent of all these external factors which can affect the travel and suggest alternate and best routes of travel.

For instance, your vehicle can take a detour through an alternate way in peak traffic hours to reach the destination. This will save time as well as fuel, which is spent in busy traffic on the way. Needless to say, it will extend your life too, since you can avoid the stress of being caught in a hectic traffic jam on the way.

3. Live vehicle monitoring and driver behaviour monitoring

As per the records, driver’s negligence is found to be the primal cause of most accidents. Often, monitoring the driver behaviour is not an easy task, since the fleet manager is physically away from the driver during the driving hours. The remote monitoring of driving patterns can bring out red flags, which needs to be carefully handled.

A GPS vehicle tracking system installed in the individual vehicles of your fleet store the data for further analysis. Data such as rash driving instances, unnecessary stoppages, traffic violations, etc. when analysed over longer periods can give more details about driver behaviour.

4. Analytics services

Considerable savings in fuel cost is surely advantageous to Fleet management services. Data analytics have progressed to real time now and the same is the case with vehicle running data collected by a fleet management system.

Real time data analysis using the available location data allows the user to know the speed, mileage, distance etc. It will also help the traffic authorities to monitor whether the vehicle has exceeded the speed limit as prescribed in specific traffic conditions.

The reports generated can be further stored and collectively analysed so that larger companies can decide on the policy matters regarding fleets. It can also be used for finding rash driving behaviour among drivers and provide appropriate warnings on time.

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