5 Characteristics of a Capable Fleet Manager

Tuesday November 7, 2017


A fleet manager’s task is a complicated one, especially when they manage a multitude of vehicles. The prime goal of every fleet manager will be to generate the maximum output (profit) from the minimum input (resources).

Apparently, this will become a result-oriented approach and hence, let’s check out the essential traits that you should cultivate in a fleet manager:

1. Adaptability to utilize new and advanced tools

Nevertheless, the tools utilized by vehicle fleets will vary from one year to another. As an efficient fleet manager, you should be able to embrace new tools, its limitations, and work accordingly for maximizing the profitability of your business.

Furthermore, it is wise to learn the new tools, technologies and software, conduct research on new software, and ascertain an understanding of the regulatory changes.

And, based on this analysis, you can schedule and restructure your fleet activities for performing efficiently with these advanced tools and facilities.

2. Powerful communication skills

 Communication skill is essential for every leader. Moreover, effective communication is a desired quality, especially when you own a multitude of vehicle fleets and workforce. Imagine a leader, who is unable to provide proper directions, what will be the future of the business?

Meanwhile, a fleet manager with impressive communication skills will be able to establish a clear vision, mission, goals, strategies, and rules for drivers that drives them to the target.

As a result, all the inconsistencies and disorientation of the workforce will be eliminated. And, this enables you to enhance the compliance rates.

Of course, the successful communication is a two-way process. However, it is crucial to listen to your fleet drivers or fellow workers, that is, the routine issues and challenges confronted by them, and if possible, address their concerns as early as possible.

3. Positive attitude

Optimism is a needed quality for the fleet managers. In the mean time, it is found that a manager’s attitude has a positive correlation with the business performance.

Also, an optimistic manager will be able to create a positive environment, which thereby generate a group of productive fleet drivers and this in turn enhances the profitability of the business.

In addition, the optimistic fleet drivers can create positive results in the business. But, if you display the over-optimistic attitude, it will seem as pretentious. Here follows certain tips that assist you to become optimistic:

a. Never hang onto a single issue if there is no solution found

This tip should be genuinely considered, as wasting the time and effort for an unworthy issue is not ideal.

b. Appreciate the workers, who accomplish their goals

When you appreciate drivers or other workers, it can enhance your morale and your workers.

c. Staff your fleet company with optimistic people

It is wise to recruit the personnel with dynamic and positive attitude. When they have a positive mind, it will also reflect on your business.

d. Exercise daily for a few minutes

Apart from the long term health benefits offered by the exercise, the workouts also arouse positive energy in you and improve your mood by releasing endorphins and other chemicals, which boost your sense of triumph and confidence.

e. Celebrate the attainment of small goals

Celebrate when you achieve the smaller goals along with your fleet drivers. This will assist you to inculcate the safe driving practices and improve the morale.

4. Integrity and dignity

Lying to employees and impoliteness is not a desirable quality for fleet managers. When you respect them, they will start respecting you and follow your instructions. This will enhance the overall fleet efficiency, driver quality, and prevent driver retention.

5. Delegation skills

This skill is essential for a fleet manager. When you delegate authority to each worker, you will be able to augment overall productivity and efficiency.

As a responsible fleet manager, you will be able to assess the strengths and preferences of each employee and then assign duties accordingly. And thus, save your valuable time and effort, which can be further utilized for improving fleet efficiency.

All the above characteristics are essential for a fleet manager, as it has a direct relationship with the profitability of your fleet business.

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