How Can You Reduce Fuel Costs Using Fleet Management Software

Monday July 18, 2016


Fuel costs are said to be the main budgeting concern for most of the fleet managers. Even though budgets are fixed, you can see fuel costs constantly changing day by day. These changes have to be taken seriously in managing your fleets.

Installation of fleet management software will help you to reduce fuel costs. With fleet management, you will be able to easily reduce fuel costs and control your expenses. Also, you can keep track of mileage, monitor fuel consumption, carry out vehicle maintenance and know up to date status of the vehicle.

Here are the ways by which you can reduce fuel costs using fleet management software:

1. Helps to avoid high traffic areas

When your vehicle moves in a high traffic area, you are using fuel ineffectively. Using GPS tracking technology of fleet management software, you will be able to monitor traffic patterns. Also it helps drivers and fleet managers to avoid traffic or unexpected traffic delays.

A good fleet management software helps you to identify where traffic is and allow drivers to plan routes accordingly. Fuel economy can be increased by avoiding traffic and help you to move quickly in certain areas.

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2. Control Negative Driver Behavior

Sometimes negative driver behaviors can increase your fuel costs. Excessive idling, speeding and sudden stops and starts are some of the reasons that lead you to use fuel unduly.

Some of the negative driving behaviors you can improve using fleet management are:

1. Speeding

2. Excess idling

3. Reckless starts and stops

4. Hard braking

Some of the drivers may be unaware of the impact of their behavior on fuel use. In such situations, you can make use of fleet management software to educate those drivers who need more education regarding it.

3. Choose the most appropriate route

With the help of software, you will be able to send drivers to any route. By using GPS technology, you can lead drivers to have few left turns as possible. This is really valuable for you. When you take a left turn unnecessarily, you have to wait for oncoming traffic which thereby increases idle time. Based on this route plan, you can save a lot of fuel.

4. Improve maintenance to enhance efficiency

Vehicles which undergo proper maintenance are far more efficient than other vehicles. Even the tire pressure can affect your vehicle’s efficiency. With the fleet management software,

  • Drivers or fleet managers will be able to schedule maintenance alerts and thus manage vehicles that are showing signs of efficiency problems.

  • Ensure that your fleet is working resourcefully

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5. Choose the right driver

Fleet tracking is essential for service oriented fleets that send drivers to their customer locations. There is provision for fleet tracking in the software which helps to choose driver at the right time. Hence, you can choose a driver who is close to the next service location and thereby you can reduce the amount spend on fuel.

6. Prevent unauthorized trips

Some drivers may misuse your company vehicle for making personal trips. Those trips will make you spend extra amount for fuel. By using trackers, you will be able to know whether a vehicle is outside the permitted routes or not. This helps you to improve fuel efficiency for your fleet.

Obviously running a fleet is really an expensive venture. With the right fleet management software, you can reduce fuel costs and thus achieve fuel efficiency. By adding fleet tracking to your fleet operations, you can save a lot of fuel. In fact, you will be able to manage your fleet effectively using the software.