Top 3 Misconceptions About Fleet Management Software

Tuesday June 27, 2017


Deciding whether the fleet management software is needed for your business is one of the challenging tasks. This decision is purely based on the expense of the software and its return on investment for your company.

Numerous companies ignore the installation of a vehicle tracking system due to certain misconceptions regarding it. Curious about the top 3 misconceptions on fleet management software? Let’s check it out…..

1. Fleet management software is only suitable for larger fleets

Often, you have a misconception that only when you possess larger fleets, you need to know the real-time vehicle location. Although,tracking of vehicle location is a key benefit of the tracking system, there are other benefits that shape your business into a successful one.

In addition to this, with the implementation of a fleet management software, you will be able to enhance the customer service of your company.

When you consider installing a tracking system, the size of the fleet business doesn’t matter at all. Mapping, tracking, and implementation of analytical tools can be executed for minor fleet businesses too.

You can augment customer service, run your fleet efficiently and, thereby, expose the maximum potential out of your fleet business.

2. All management systems have the same features

Certainly, when you recognise the fact that fleet management software is suitable for minor fleets too, it is not possible for the systems to show same features. Yet, you assume that all the management systems are the same.

Yes, there are certain similar features for every software, however, the core features vary from one system to another. Due to this particular reason, you need to decide the software that fits best to your business requirement.

While examining systems, you should consider the ease of implementing the system, reporting option of the system, and customer service offered by the parent company. And above all, the vital factor can be its capacity to grow along with your business.

3. Implementation of the system is a complicated process

Many companies have this false perception. Nevertheless, it is a silly reason for not implementing the tracking system in your fleet business due to its complexity.

The common fear of employees against the installation of a tracking system is that they anticipate it as a privacy intrusion. As a matter of fact, there are certain other employees who claim that the tracking system and software involve complicated procedures.

When you explore it in the reality, the scenario is completely different as you may find that a couple of software is complex and the others are not. First install GPS trackers and then you will be able to realise the benefits enjoyed by using a vehicle tracking system.

How to Prevent Driver Push Back?

One of the key challenges of implementing a fleet management software is the driver push-back. So, how will you prevent it? Just provide an awareness that in addition to vehicle fleets, drivers are also able to relish certain benefits.

By using the data from the tracking system, you can assess the performance of each driver and reward them accordingly. And drivers should realise that it assists them in managing routes throughout the trip. As a result of this, drivers  become self-motivated and consequently, they will agree to install the vehicle tracking system for the fleet business.

It is high time to uproot those prejudices and understand the reality if you have ever fallen a victim to the above-mentioned misconceptions on the fleet management software. After recognising the benefits, you will notice how effectively you can manage your vehicle fleets, enhance the profitability and credibility of your business.

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