How to Enhance Driver Satisfaction of Fleet Drivers

Thursday October 26, 2017


Ever had a genuine thought on the career of a fleet driver? Often you will be  prejudiced that their life is carefree and delightful as they move from one location to another.

But, fleet managers are found to be in dilemma as several drivers abandon their job due to varied reasons. The question is how to retain them, induces joy in them, and augment driver satisfaction.

Here follows the factors that should be considered to enhance driver satisfaction of fleet drivers:

1. Drivers need freedom and consideration

 Two key factors of driver retention are freedom and a bit of consideration. As a result of this, you can implement the latest technologies for providing assistance to drivers or increase their benefit package, which motivate drivers to perform efficiently.

In addition to this, regular reports on driver performance can be an excellent strategy for encouraging drivers.

Fleet drivers should be provided with ample freedom as they resent babysitting. Ordinarily, the fleet driving professionals have a fondness for freedom and it becomes an inspiration for them to work efficiently.

Furthermore, you should be able to admire their skills, proficiency and their overall beneficence to the company.

2. Utilize GPS tracking system

There is a common prejudice that the tracking creates a negative impact on the dignity of drivers and intrudes their privacy. But the truth is that the GPS fleet tracking leads to enhancement of driver satisfaction as it monitors the performance of each driver flawlessly and ranks them accordingly.

Meanwhile, you will often have an assumption that people neglect to work once they leave the work site but it is indeed a false presumption.

Consequently, due to this wrong notion, you will ignore to provide the kudos a driver deserves. Such circumstances can be avoided when you begin to utilize the GPS tracking system. Curious? Let’s check how it assists in driver retention.

How GPS Tracking System Retains Drivers?

On the basis of data obtained from a GPS tracker, you will be able to accolade and reward those drivers who are performing their driving task efficiently.

Furthermore, you can organize a reward program that motivates the drivers, which induce happiness, and thus create a desire in them to stay with you forever. This will ultimately lead to improved fleet operations.

In addition, the fleet tracking system assists you to recognize the loop holes in fleet operations and rectify them before it becomes an enormous issue. However, the goal of a tracking system is to oversee fleet without causing intrusion to drivers.

3. Provide sufficient privacy

Ordinarily, company officials track their employees only while they are on the duty. Otherwise, the driver will definitely be intimidated and at times result in the resignation of drivers. Hence, it is wise to provide sufficient privacy to them and, thereby retain drivers.

4. Consider the driver’s opinions

Drivers desire several benefits such as satisfactory payment, reliable equipment, and enough rest hours. Apart from it, there are several other benefits that appeal to their interests. Nevertheless, in order to realize those desires, either you should conduct a research or communicate with each of them personally.

5. Conduct regular vehicle maintenance

 Drivers will be offended if the vehicles are not properly maintained as it causes hindrance to their job. Hence, vehicle should undergo proper maintenance at the right time. Meanwhile, this lowers the rate of accidents and transportation delay.

 As a matter of fact, if you need to manage your fleet drivers, installing a GPS tracking system is an excellent remedy. Today, there are GPS trackers apt for small as well as medium fleets, which can be integrated effortlessly.

When tracking is done properly, drivers will be satisfied and as a result, they will be able to work efficiently in your fleet company.

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