3 Amazing Stories from Fleet Managers

Tuesday June 21, 2016


You will be able to hear many amazing real life stories from fleet managers, owners and drivers. The usage of fleet management software doesn’t prevent them from witnessing numerous incidents or situations which can be quite interesting for us. As a driver, they see, hear and experience a variety of situations ranging from happy to horrible ones.

Following are three amazing stories narrated by fleet managers which is either heartwarming or compassionate. These stories reveal that despite the introduction of automation through fleet management software, human relationships are still a vital element in vehicle transportation services:

1. Story of the parcel delivery driver

This story tells you about a parcel delivery driver and a young boy, which happened in Colorado city. The boy was the son of a regular customer of the parcel company for whom the driver worked. Even from a young age, the boy would identify the truck which routinely delivered his baby formula.

The driver met the boy regularly and a good rapport over time. Their relationship was so good that the driver presented a miniature truck to the boy as a gift, so that the boy can make deliveries to the neighborhood.

The driver, who was working in the same route for 25 years, finally got transferred to a new route. As a loving parting gesture, the driver arranged a meeting for the boy with a group of drivers and their entire fleet of trucks, which he was so fond of.

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2. A Powerful Strategy adopted by the company offering internet grocery shopping

This story is about a company in the United Kingdom, which competes in the internet grocery shopping with home delivery. The company decided to add a new element to their offered services. The company had two key target consumers- busy young families and older consumers.

The company launched a program which provides service, brand differentiation and a clear benefit. This program made use of the drivers and the wide area they covered each day.

The program was to arrange a provision for elderly grocery customers to register the phone number of a friend or relative. This was a great help to elderly people as the company was able to send alerts to the proper individuals if the elder ones failed to open the door to receive the scheduled delivery.

This mind blowing idea is a life saving one as earlier elders or handicapped people need to rely on other people in case of emergencies. This was a great step by the retailer towards making older adults independent.

3. An inspiring story of a driver and his wife

This story tells you about a driver and his wife in Maryland who started a non-profit organization. Their organization was conceived to help families in need, especially those who live on the streets. This idea struck during a morning trip in his truck, when the driver saw an increasing number of people living and sleeping on the street.

After witnessing this pathetic situation, the driver and his wife decided to distribute blankets, bags of food and essential toiletries on their journey. This effort was a great success as it transformed into a non-profit organization consisting of 5000 individuals and families.

The story sets a great example for you, which shows how a mere observation can turn into a dedicated and noteworthy social service organization.

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Benefits of drivers when fleet operation is clear

  • Have an opportunity to observe the people, situations and locations they travel
  • With fleet management software, and stories like these to inspire them, drivers will definitely showcase increased alertness on the road and thus react properly to unexpected situations
  • Increase brand image and value of the company
  • Helps to attract talented employees

From these stories you may understand that if the fleet works efficiently and smoothly, drivers wouldn’t be deterred due to maintenance, repairs or any other cost inducing activities.

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