How will a GPS Vehicle Tracking System Contribute to Driver Competition?

Thursday March 23, 2017


Competition is essential for every business. It contributes to growth by motivating businesses to strive. The ultimate aim of any business is to beat their opponents and therefore, they are in constant search of ways to gain people’s attention.

Installing a GPS vehicle tracking system is one such way to increase the worth of your business. It can also contribute greatly to driver competition.

Most of the reputed companies make use of a tracking system to attain a positive outcome. With trackers, you can identify the idle time of each driver and thus, lower your fleet expenses.

Here are certain details that can be obtained via a GPS vehicle tracking system:

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1. Mileage

Using the system, you will get details such as miles covered by each of your vehicle for a specific period, be it on a daily or monthly basis.

2. Idle time

A tracking system helps you to have an overview of idle time, along with date and location. This helps you to find out whether the drivers are wasting the company resources.

3. Fuel use

Details such as average speed of a vehicle, fuel used and total distance travelled can be obtained via the system. When you analyse such details, you will be able to identify the drivers who misuse the fuel.

4. Maintenance

It gives instant alerts whenever a vehicle needs repair and maintenance. Also, you will receive alerts when there is any engine fault. Thus, drivers will be able to know when the vehicle needs maintenance without any failure.

5. Driver stops

A brief report on idle time, the stop time of vehicles and travel time between stops on a particular day can be identified using a tracking system. This helps to prevent driver’s unnecessary stopping of vehicles.

6. Total time spent at job site

It is difficult to monitor each driver and estimate the time they spend for performing their duty. Here, a GPS tracker can help you by accurately recording the total time each driver spent for duty.

7. Start time and end time

The start time and end time of each vehicle can be found out by using a tracking system. Vehicle status will be recorded like on-duty, off duty, and lunch break. Based on these details, start time and end time will be found out.

8. Time spent as lunch break

It provides you a list of duration taken by each driver for lunch break. Thus, you can easily identify the drivers who spent more than the permitted time for lunch break.

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Rewarding the driver for inducing competitive spirit

Rewarding is the powerful way to express that you value your drivers and hence, there is a chance for decreased driver retention rates. In General Electric, 10% workers get a pink slip annually if their performance is poor in that particular year.

This can be taken as a positive thing as it is done for achieving excellence in business. Similarly, fleet business is highly competitive and therefore, the need for quality drivers is becoming essential. When you come up with an incentive program, the fleet business will get the following benefits:

1. Improve customer deliveries

2. Monitor and lessen the number of driving accidents

3. Save unnecessary fuel costs

For every business, driver safety is given utmost priority than anything. You will be able to promote safe driving by giving incentives for good driving. This can create some positive results in fleet business.

Obviously, people get motivated when they are rewarded well and hence, they follow safe driving practices. By tracking the driver’s performance, you can save a lot of time and money for your fleet business and arouse competition in drivers.

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