Top Ten Tips to Prevent Car Accidents

Friday June 3, 2016


Car accidents happen all the time. There maybe reasons ranging from carelessness to bad weather conditions which lead to car accidents. According to a survey report, two million people die as a result of car accidents every year. It is a known fact that most car accidents occur due to rash and careless driving.

Installation of a car tracking system in cars is an excellent way to prevent car accidents. There are several tips which can prevent such accidents to a great extent.

Here follows the top ten tips to prevent car accidents:

1. Manage Distractions

Talking or texting on a cell phone or talking to friends around you is dangerous distractions that take off your attention from the road. If there is an emergency, park the car nearby and attend the call.

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2. Speeding

It would be better to follow the posted speed limit. This helps to stay within control. Also, it is hazardous to go faster, if you are a new driver. Speeds are set on the basis of ideal conditions. Speed management is crucial to become a master in various conditions.

With the GPS car tracking system, the speed of the vehicle can be tracked by the fleet managers and thus give proper warning to their drivers if they exceed the limits.

3. Driving at Night

Every driver has to be extra cautious when driving at night. Experienced drivers are better than new drivers as they are able to anticipate and avoid hazards more quickly. One can become a better night time driver when you get enough time and practice.

4. Seat Belt Use

As a driver and passenger, it is your duty to buckle up whenever you get into a car. Since your car can crash anytime, anywhere. You and your passengers should always put on seat belt. It doesn’t matter if you are taking a short trip or a long one.

5. Beware of Blind Spots

In order to have a better view, it is necessary to adjust your rear view mirrors and side mirrors but never completely rely only on them. Always consider the blind spots for other drivers around you, especially for large vehicles such as trucks.

6. Drive with Your Hands in the 9 and 3’0 Clock Position

It is dangerous to drive with one hand at 12’0 clock or both hands at the bottom of the steering wheel. 9 and 3’0 clock is the recommended position which helps to have maximum control of the vehicle.

7. Buzzed Driving

Alcohol is always an enemy to drivers. When drivers get behind the vehicle with alcohol in their bloodstream, judgment and reaction time can be delayed. According to surveys, drunken driving has taken many lives and a huge amount of money has been spent on rectifying those crashes. It is better to hand over the car to sober drivers if you are drunk.

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8. Advanced Safety Systems

Electronic stability control (ESC) used in cars lower the risk of crashes. ESC helps to detect loss of steering control and automatically applies the brake and helps to steer the vehicle.

Safety features like front-collision mitigation help to either avoid accidents, or reduce its severity.

9. Parking Lots

You should be alert when you are driving in the parking lot. Technologies such as lane-departure warning, blind spot monitoring, and rear-cross traffic alert help the driver to watch for detecting potential trouble and signaling danger. These systems are effective in preventing crashes.

10. Obey Traffic Rules

Traffic rules are made to satisfy safety for everyone including pedestrians. Always display a sign or signal while changing lanes or taking turns. Also, respect other drivers on the road as well.

All these tips would be useful and valuable to you as a car driver. But it is not possible to completely avoid accidents as a whole. Obeying and respecting traffic rules is the first step to ensure safety on the road.

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