6 Simple Tools that Make Your Fleet Drivers Safe

Friday October 20, 2017


A fleet manager’s duty is a complicated one. As a fleet manager, the safety of vehicles and fleet drivers becomes your responsibility, irrespective of the number of vehicles you own.

Nevertheless, fleet safety policies assist you to create a culture of safety among drivers. But once the driver leaves the lot, you will lose the capability to monitor their driving behavior and thereby ensure their safety.

Several fleet companies have started implementing tools like the GPS vehicle tracking system for enhancing the safety of drivers.

Consequently, the advanced features of a GPS tracking system provide real-time location of your vehicle and even assists you to recognize the unsafe driving behaviors of each driver.

Let’s explore the 6 tools to check out in a GPS vehicle tracking system:

1. Real-time GPS Tracking

With the support of a GPS tracker, you will be able to receive instant alerts indicating that a vehicle is moving or in an off condition. Consequently, you can  locate a vehicle swiftly and effortlessly. Furthermore, you will be able to obtain details such as vehicle direction, speed, address, and the nearest driver to a particular location.

Modern tracking devices provide live traffic updates that aids you in routing drivers efficiently. Meanwhile, you will be able to avoid roads with heavy traffic jams or accident-prone areas. This will ultimately mitigate scheduling concerns, unnecessary stress, and thus ensure the fleet safety.

2. Route replay facility

By utilizing this facility, you will be able to examine the vehicle’s routine trip history through an animated and interactive visualization of the vehicle routing.  It comprises various segments, including unsafe driving activity, vehicle idling, stop indicators, and other related driving events.

However, these data can be useful in recognizing and problem areas in your service. Certain problem areas include busy intersections or construction sites, hazardous driving habits such as over speeding and harsh braking.

3. Geo fencing and landmark facility

Landmarks signify important locations on the map, which includes customer or client addresses or your office address. Exclaiming what Geo fencing is? The Geo fencing facility has been set around these landmarks or customized geographic areas.

With this unique feature, you will be able to activate alerts once a vehicle reaches the landmark, enter or exit the Geo fenced area.

As a result, you can considerably reduce vehicle thefts and prevent inappropriate utilization of your company vehicles. Hence, you will be notified when a vehicle leaves the work site or enter into the prohibited region.

4. Unsafe driving alerts

 Apart from Geo fencing and landmark alerts, you will also be able to obtain alerts for unsafe driving practices such as over speeding, sudden braking, swift acceleration, unapproved hour usage, unapproved location usage, and attempt to tampering GPS tracking device. Based on these unsafe driving alerts, you will be able to address those issues promptly.

5. Driver Performance Report

 A GPS tracking system identifies unsafe driving practices in real-time and utilized this data to prepare the daily performance card for drivers. Thus, you will be able to attribute score based on the safety performance of your fleet. Here follows certain benefits of driver safety reports:

i. Rank drivers from the best to the worst, according to their safety performance

ii. Determine the unsafe driving behavior

iii. Prepare reports based on data such as miles covered, vehicle stops, and idling

iv. Provide further driver training if necessary

v. Check driver safety periodically and assess the success of driver safety policies and training schedules

6. Automated vehicle maintenance report

As a matter of fact, driver safety is not just monitoring how drivers operate their vehicles. Moreover, it depends on the proper and regular maintenance of vehicles.

With the support of a GPS vehicle tracking system, you can schedule vehicle maintenance automatically and ensure that you never miss them.

Modern GPS trackers assists you to schedule routine vehicle maintenance procedures such as oil changes, warranty expiry, renewal of license, preventative maintenance procedures, and tire rotations.

Apart from that, you will also be able to examine  vehicle mileage, scheduled maintenance periods, and hours of vehicle usage.

Final Thoughts

Ordinarily, fleet driver’s safety is given supreme priority. When you ensure their safety, conversely, they become responsible for the vehicle safety.

However, the introduction of GPS fleet tracking system is a boon to fleet business, as it assists you to ensure driver safety by providing real time data.

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