7 Safety Tips that May come Handy to Truck Drivers for Long Drive

Monday February 27, 2017


Truck driving is a tedious task which requires long hours of work and patience. Apart from the physical fatigue, mental stress also sets in after long hours of long distance driving. This might be one of the reasons for the increased rates of fatal and non-fatal accidents among truck drivers.

Sitting for long hours, vibration effects due to travel, physical and psychological stress, etc. can increase the risk of accidents. GPS vehicle tracking systems can alleviate the stress to a certain extent. Drivers need to check on certain factors on road safety, especially before long drives.

1. Have Enough Fuel

It is advisable to have enough fuel before the journey. With a good GPS tracking system, you can check the next petrol pump on the route and ensure that there is adequate fuel to reach the place. GPS trackers can help you to plan the route in advance and organize your journey with breaks and refreshing points en route.

2. Keep Papers Prompt

License, Registration, Insurance, etc. need to be submitted to authorities for inspection en route and hence it is better to keep enough copies with you before the driver. In case there are goods to be delivered to the destination, it is advisable to keep the sales invoice or delivery receipts as required.

3. Install Vehicle tracking system and fleet management software

Check GPS vehicle tracking system for any errors before you begin the journey. Check whether the location is accurate. The basic systems can sometimes have a little margin of error.

Also, check whether the speed displayed according to the GPS unit matches with that of the speedometer of the vehicle. Here again, minor errors might be present. Ensure whether the error is within acceptable limits. The difference should not be too high. If there is a wide variation, it can affect the distance calculation by the unit. This can affect your fuel refilling plans.

4. If the vehicle needs to cross country or state boundaries, check your permits.

Check your permits and any other authorizations required in case you need to travel across country or state borders. A GPS enabled tracking system comes to your aid in such occasions since you need not know the detailed road map of the destination.

The unit can work anywhere in the world since the data is transmitted via satellite. GPS tracking units can be extremely useful in such cases to know the routes, heavy traffic roads to avoid and fuel stations in the new place.

5. Keep the vehicle well maintained and attend to repairs promptly.

A vehicle breakdown en route a long journey would be the worst disaster on earth that any truck driver would like to avoid. A little care to the maintenance and repairs, particularly before the onset of the journey can help you to avoid this.

GPS vehicle tracking systems when installed in vehicles could result in sensible driving. Engine repairs are therefore very less with such stress free rides. The maintenance cost is also likely to reduce considerably with the unit.

6. Don’t Drink and Drive

Drunken driving should be avoided always. Drinking to keep the fatigue away for long continuous drives should always be avoided. Alcohol impairs the thinking and judgmental capabilities and can cause accidents. If you feel sleepy, the best thing you can do is to pull the vehicle to the parking area and sleep off the fatigue.

7. Check the speed limits

Most commonly, truck drivers tend to speed up to catch on time. One needs to be alert about speed limits even while on highways. Ignoring a crossing or a settlement of the road can cause unnecessary hardships on the road. Keep a watch on the signs for proper planning for stoppages.

Avoid prolonged continuous journeys which require sitting in the same posture and increases stress. Give breaks in the middle of the journey at appropriate times and duration to keep the fatigue away.


For avoiding transportation delay, vehicle theft, and driver’s poor driving condition, you can get expert help when it comes to installing GPS vehicle tracking systems in your fleet of delivery trucks.  It is highly customizable and affordable to your business requirements. When it is installed, you can monitor movement of your truck fleet, maintain constant communication with your truck drivers, and guide them in the right route so that they reach their destination within the specified time frame.

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