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12 Advantages of Possessing Vehicle Tracking Software in Fleets

December 7th, 2018
12 Advantages of Possessing Vehicle Tracking Software in Fleets

Today, many people are starting their own venture with limited facilities like a transport company with limited number of vehicles. For example,you have to work for many projects with these limited resources, then need a proper planning.

For this, you have to determine the speed of vehicles, their real-time location, where it has halted and for how much duration- A vehicle tracking software can help you in this.

With the help of a good vehicle tracking system, you can track not only the movements of vehicles but also the movements of your employees as well.

You can check if they have gone for client meetings or if they have reached the sales venues and much more.

With a single tracking software, it possible for you to track your fleets and monitor your employees.

Now, let’s check out its advantages.

Advantages Vehicle Tracking Software

1. Vehicle Maintenance

With the help of this tracking software, you can get regular updates regarding the maintenance of the vehicle.

This helps you to do routine maintenance if needed which ensures that your vehicle is properly serviced.This also increases the resale value of your vehicle.

2. Monitor your Employees

You can monitor your employees’ behaviour in real-time with the help of a vehicle tracking system which also results in reducing running costs.

By monitoring employees’ behaviour, you can reduce not only reduce maintenance bills and fuel consumption but also reduce insurance premiums as well.

3. Save Time

Every business person knows that time is money. This is more accurate in the transportation business. There are situations where a fleet gets stuck in traffic for a lot of time or some other issues.

In these cases, vehicle tracking software can help you. With this, fleet managers can view the real-time status of the fleet and in case there is a traffic jam, fleet managers can make use of GPS to guide the drivers to roads that have less traffic.

4. Reduce Downtime

A good vehicle tracking system help fleet managers make informed decisions and schedule trips more efficiently.

This reduces the downtime of the vehicles which is the key factor to better productivity and more profit for the transportation company.

5. Customer Satisfaction

In business customer is the king. A happy and loyal customer base is paramount to the success of a transportation business.

If you are for instance delivering food, then you must ensure that you deliver the food at the right time.

With vehicle tracking software, you will get to know the real-time location of your fleets which help you to plan and deliver your service at the right time.

6. Predictability

Uncertain behaviour is a big turn off in the transportation industry.

By using a vehicle tracking system you can become more predictable by providing your customer with real-time tracking information, an accurate delivery time, and other details of the delivery.

7. Optimum Vehicle Utilization

Using a GPS vehicle tracking system you can get the most out of your fleet.

You can eliminate vehicle idle time, reduce fuel consumption and eliminate vehicle idle time by making use of the data and analysis obtained from the GPS tracking software.

8. Accessibility

One of the biggest advantages of vehicle tracking software is that you can track the fleet from any place at any time.

9. Asset Tracking

If any of your vehicles got stolen or lost, you can find out using a vehicle tracking software. The data from the fleet management software system will help you know the exact location of the vehicle.

Besides, this you can monitor key aspects of the vehicle like engine oil, fuel level, engine temperature, etc.

10. Timely Alerts

With vehicle tracking system, you will get an instant notification or push SMS when the fleet goes out of the business zone.

In case of accidents or other issues, the software will send timely notifications so that you can take necessary actions at the right time.

11. Improve Safety

By using a vehicle tracking system you can improve the safety of your fleet by accessing the real-time data.

Thus,in case of any incident, you can give direct assistance and support to your drivers.

12. Reduce Paperwork

A vehicle tracking system will save fleet managers, drivers and dispatchers of all the paperwork as the system will automatically track and store all the details in a user-friendly form.

Thus, you can avoid errors which can occur if paper works are done manually.

Final Thoughts

Fleets will definitely have an upper hand if they possess a vehicle tracking system. Real-time data will help to make decisions for the fleet management company.

Quicker the decisions are made the better the output. The data from the fleet management software will help to determine the health of the fleet and when maintenance is needed.

Repairs done at the right time will save the fleet from further damage.

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