Tracking Features

Real Time Live Tracking

Any tracking system is only as good as how fast it can pass information. So, what better than having it in real time. Equipped with latest GPS technology, our tracking system provides details in real time.


Do you want to restrict the movement of your vehicle to within a particular area? If yes, the geo-fencing feature with smart alarm systems will be ideal for you.

Route History

Knowing the route history will help you gauge a lot of aspects such as efficiency, driving habits and also alternative routes when required, as well.

Route Optimization and Dispatching

Our vehicle tracking solution helps you to optimize your vehicle routes and save them. You can drag and drop calls to closest drivers, and you can track your drivers as they finish their tasks. Also, there are two-way text messaging and broadcast messaging.

Driver Behavior Analytics

Our customizable vehicle tracking solution helps in curbing wasteful driving habits and thereby cutting fuel costs. You can analyze irrational driver behavior such as aggressive driving and speed limit violations.

Location Data Saving

Our dedicated servers save your vehicle movement history for a certain period, thereby enabling you to plot movement of your vehicle on Maps or generate MIS reports for any past period.

MIS Reports

We can produce MIS reports for you which can be tailor-made as per your needs. With detailed MIS reports, you will never miss a moment of your vehicle(s).

User-friendly Interface

Our desktop and mobile applications are designed in such a way that they are easy-to-access, navigation-friendly, and have a simple-yet-powerful GUI (Graphic User Interface).

Client Support 24x7

We offer live client support 24 hours a day for any kind of tracking requirements and in case of emergency, we are just a call away.

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