Vehicletracking System FAQ

Yes, fleet managers will get instant alerts when the driver deviates from the scheduled route or increase the vehicle speed. Thus, vehicle tracking aims to provide safety and effectively manage the fleets you own.

Yes the fleet manager can schedule routes as per his/her wish. This will enhance the efficiency of your fleet management task.

Yes it is error-free unless something goes wrong with the tracking system.

A vehicle tracking system is integrated with GPS technology. It uses the Global Navigation Satellite System. From the satellites, you get all the details regarding the vehicle such as speed, distance, location, time, and direction.

Today most of the managers know the benefits of using tracking system in a business. And if there is a need for knowing about more benefits, you can tell them to contact us.

Some benefits of using a vehicle tracking system are reducing of running costs, knowing the vehicle mileage, getting discount from insurance companies, increasing employee productivity, and providing better customer service.

No. It is quite simple and all you need to do is to follow the instructions in the manual.

If your driver drives rashly, you will get instant alerts and you can give warning to them. Similarly you get details of vehicle location, its direction, etc which may help you to attend the emergency situations.

Yes, it is possible. As a tracking device is smaller in size, it can be easily hidden away from the attention of your driver.

Yes, you will get instant alerts whenever a person tries to tamper the device. Infact you get notification when you fail to retrieve GPS data or when the device is disconnected from the vehicle battery.


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