7 Must Have Vehicle Routing and Scheduling Software Features

Tuesday October 17, 2017


Several industries have begun to implement the vehicle routing and scheduling software in their production.

However, this occurred due to their realization of the multitude of benefits of vehicle routing software.

The organization, which installed the routing software will be able to impart enhanced service by providing a swift solution and solving communication flaws.

As an entrepreneur, one of the key factors that determine the success of your business is the cost or overall expense.

Nevertheless, you will be able to save money by planning the routes efficiently.

Let’s explore the dominant features of vehicle routing and scheduling software:

1. User-friendly interface

 The vehicle routing software is ordinarily created in a way that is easy-to-access and have navigation-friendly GUI (Graphic User Interface).

Moreover, the software can be installed effortlessly, and quickly updated.

Apart from that, it is intuitive, readily troubleshot, able to handle errors efficiently, and need not require third party software.

2. Advanced mapping options

 Integrating vehicle routing software with the Geo location and mapping feature can boost the efficiency of fleet management.

As a result of this, vehicle tracking became  simple and uncomplicated.

With the support of mapping feature, you can view the current route on the maps, recognize the optimized route, and obtain adequate guidance for your trip.

Consequently, this will assist you to curtail fuel and mileage costs by choosing the optimized route.

3. Advanced user settings

By utilizing the advanced user settings, users will be able to create, monitor, and obtain guidance regarding vehicle routing. However, each user has a different role and priorities.

According to their role, the user settings will vary accordingly.

4. Route optimization

The routing software will assist you to optimize your vehicle routes and save the valuable time.

Also, you will be able to discover the closest vehicle to the customer’s location and assign them, which saves both time and money.

Furthermore, you will be able to relish enhanced communication through two-way text messaging and broadcast messaging. And, this enhances the accuracy level of the overall route management.

5. Flexible software deployment

 With the implementation of vehicle routing software, you will be able to have diverse options for the software deployment.

By utilizing the software, you can accomplish customer satisfaction promptly and thus provide the service at the right time.

6. Quick and flexible software configuration

Routing software can be configured quickly. And, the software can be integrated into every system.

With the software, you can schedule and solve the routing issues effortlessly.

7. Reports

 You will be able to generate reports based on the data obtained from the software.

And the reports can be further utilized to analyze and measure the success of the business.

Presumably, the modern vehicle routing software enables you to download reports in various formats.

As a matter of fact, several companies have started implementing the vehicle routing and scheduling software due to its benefits such as reduced fuel consumption, enhanced driver productivity, proper vehicle utilization, efficient route planning,  increased number of on-time deliveries, and improved customer service.

Thus, the routing and scheduling software revolutionized the fleet management task.