Top Vehicle Tracking Companies in Qatar

Monday September 18, 2017


Qatar with its well-established road network has  its own troubles to curb the problem posed by its busy traffic. And, in this endeavour the governmental agencies are assisted by several enterprises to enforce fleet management and driver safety.

Masarak Traffic  Enabled Services

Masarak vehicle tracking systems are one of the leaders in  the industry, making their presence known both at the regional and national level. The technology was built on the QMIC’s (Qatar Mobility Innovation Centre) Labeeb platform to ease the traffic congestion on Qatar roadways, avoid unnecessary delays experienced by the workforce and to ensure safety of citizens while on roads.

The Traffic monitoring Platform, as well as its Salamtek mobile application has managed to bag three international as well as regional awards for Road Transport technology and related fields.

Binlori Fleet Management Services

Binlori fleet management services are the official distributors of MiX Telematics transport management solutions in Qatar. MiX Telematics has a worldwide presence and recognition in more than 112 countries. They were awarded with the ITs and Road Safety Awards for Engineering Excellence in the year 2015, that too within a span of ten years since establishment.

Meanwhile, the company offers promising inventions on a SaaS (Software as Services) model for small fleets, enterprise fleets as well as individual customers. The wide range of road safety solutions includes live vehicle monitoring systems, internet based services reporting the location, and analytics on speed, distance, mileage etc.

Advanced Technologies Solutions

ATS has been yet another prominent player in the fleet management service providers in Qatar. The solutions offered benefits, which varies from meaningful cost reduction to minimizing environmental risks of pollution. Their fleet management services are offered both on T-Qat standard and pro services.

The advanced waterproof IP66 devices have inbuilt GPS/GSM Antenna, Ignition Detection, Alarms for Towing, SOS, Geo fence, GPS blind area, Low battery, speeding, impact, etc. SMS/GPRS tracking facilities are available based on MeiTrack protocol, On Demand tracking, Mobile interface, and mileage reports are further incentives. Logs of journeys can be saved for further reference too. The comparatively smaller dimensions will be easier to be mounted in vehicles.

General Motors Fleet Management Solutions

Emergency, directions or diagnostics, OnStar connected fleet management services by GM fleet offer customized solutions at different rates. A built-in 4G LTE WiFi hotspot in the device can turn the vehicle into mobile workstation. Telematics data analysis tools of Telogis  is yet another initiative, which enable the service providers to share vehicle diagnostic data with service centres. Commercial link is another milestone designed for smaller fleets.

Vehicle Tracking System

Vehicle Tracking System is one of the prominent vehicle tracking providers in Qatar, which offer cost-effective and customizable solutions for transportation related businesses. They are able to provide software and hardware solutions that assists fleet managers to handle their vehicle fleets without any nuisance. Their custom-made solutions precludes vehicle theft, lowers fuel expenses, confines vehicle movements within a particular area (Geo-fencing facility), and ensures improved productivity.


With their proprietary GPS hardware and firmware, one can customise their individual preferences like location, groups, etc. IProtek tracking platform has everything to offer from monitoring to maintenance and can be integrated with Google maps and ERP. Alarms can also be set for ignition status, speed, towing, Geo fence, idling and data as it is stored even in GSM signal free areas.

The list is certainly not exhaustive and there are a lot of other agencies contributing to the cause. Vodafone has recently entered into the scene and is gaining a steady pace.

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